What are all Unidentified Targets locations in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? A type of Mission, you'll need to find and finish all of them to achieve 100% completion across all Districts. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal all Unidentified Targets locations. Completing them all and then finishing the Mission they unlock earns you the Data Collector Trophy.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: All Unidentified Targets Locations

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: All Unidentified Targets Locations Guide 1

There are 8 Unidentified Targets in the game, and they are unlocked as an activity midway through the Main Story. To complete them, you must first interact with the transmitter at the waypoint marker and then chase a Talon Drone while staying in its slipstream to download data. Once you reach 100%, you must catch up with the Talon Drone and destroy it. Some Talon Drones will drop bombs in their slipstream and call in help, so you'll have to deal with those obstacles along the way. Below you'll find all Unidentified Targets locations.

Upper West Side

In the very middle of Upper West Side.

Upper East Side

At the southern end of Upper East Side, at the top of the highest building in the nearby area.

Downtown Queens

Near the northern border of Downtown Queens, and just to the right of the bridge leading to the Upper East Side. It's at the top of the highest building in the area.


In the southwest corner of Midtown.

Financial District

In the southern area of the Financial District.


In the middle of Chinatown.


On the bridge that connects Williamsburg and Chinatown.

Target Identified - Midtown

After completing the 7 Unidentified Targets listed above, Peter/Miles will actually identify the target. You're sent to the northwest corner of Midtown, to the top of a building near Oscorp Industries. Interact with the computer up there, then head to the objective marker at the penthouse. Defeat the Hunters, then head inside and Scan the drink on the kitchen counter. You can then interact with the piano in the corner and move the brown queen piece on the chessboard to reveal a hidden passage.

Go down to the basement and interact with the prompts in the environment, eventually ending up at a computer with the missing persons database displayed. Gas will soon be pumped into the room so run out and Pull the door off to escape and complete the Mission.

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