What are all EMF Experiments locations in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? A type of Mission, you'll need to find and complete all of them to achieve 100% completion across all Districts. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal all EMF Experiments locations. Completing them all unlocks the Foundational Trophy.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: All EMF Experiments Locations

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: All EMF Experiments Locations Guide 1

There are 9 EMF Experiments in the game. You'll complete these as Peter, and they unlock midway through the Main Story. Within them, you must complete a few different tasks for the Emily-May Foundation, like helping plants to grow or controlling a Bee Drone. You can track all the ones you've completed and what's still left to do from the Missions tab in the pause menu. Below you'll find all EMF Experiments locations.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science

Towards the north of Chinatown, you must collect 3 Plant Samples and then modify them on the computer. You'll then turn the water on and have to block some holes in the pipes using your Web.

Portside: Plant Science

In the northwest corner of Hell's Kitchen, you'll need to catch a fish to formulate a pathogen to protect some plants.

Two Bridges: Plant Science

On the eastern side of the Financial District, you must rescue a plant from bad guys and then secure it.

Central Park: Bee Drones

On the western side of Central Park, you must destroy bees and rats as a Bee Drone, then mark points around the area.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drones

In the southeastern corner of Little Odessa, you need to start shooting the bees and rats as a Bee Drone, and then follow the bird back to its home.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones

In the middle of Downtown Brooklyn in Prospect Park, you'll need to shoot down bees and rats, then mark safe places for a nest. Bad guys will steal the Bee Drone, though, so you'll need to track them down and beat them up.

Central Park: Energy

In the very northwest corner of Central Park, you'll ditch the Suit and test a battery-powered bike. Pedal through all the checkpoints, keeping in mind the countdown timer that starts halfway through.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy

In the north of Downtown Brooklyn, you must use your Web Wings to deploy turbines at a certain altitude. When one becomes faulty, go to the objective marker and beat up the Talon Drones and bad guys there.

Emily-May Foundation

After completing the other 8 EMF Experiments, you'll get a call from MJ to say a package has been left at your house from Norman Osborn. Swing over there and examine the box. Complete the puzzle and you'll have finished all the EMF Experiments.

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