Where are all Garages in LEGO 2K Drive? What are Garages and where are they located? In LEGO 2K Drive, each of its maps contain various Garages, which are incredibly useful spots you'll be visiting often — but you'll need to find them first. As part of our LEGO 2K Drive guide, we've outlined all Garages locations, as well as what they are and what they allow you to do.

LEGO 2K Drive: What Are Garages?

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Garages are special locations in LEGO 2K Drive that have various uses. Indicated on the in-game map by a red icon with a yellow spanner, Garages have three main uses:

Fast Travel

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Each Garage acts as a fast travel point. This means you can highlight a Garage on the in-game map with your cursor, then press Triangle to be taken straight to that location. This allows you to hop between maps or reach certain areas much more quickly.

Vehicle Construction and Customisation

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On the right-hand side of each Garage is, well, the Garage, and it's here where you can enter LEGO 2K Drive's creation mode. Once you're in this mode, you'll be placed in the Showroom, where you can see all your custom vehicles, as well as make new ones, alter existing cars and boats, and much more. There's lots you can tinker with here, and fortunately the game has some decent tutorials to get you started.

Unkie's Emporium

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Unkie's Emporium is located on the left-hand side of each Garage. As the name suggests, this is an in-game shop. Here, you can spend the in-game Brickbux (money) you've earned and purchase things like new drivers, new pieces for the creation mode, and even new vehicles.

Brickbux can be accrued within the game — it can be found around each open world map, and it's rewarded for finding collectibles, discovering new events, and winning races and mini-games. Once you have enough, you can use this currency to buy whatever you can afford in the shop.

It's important to point out that Unkie's Emporium also allows you to buy Coins with real-world money. Once purchased, Coins can be exchanged for Brickbux to give your in-game balance a boost.

The Drive Pass also costs real-world money.

LEGO 2K Drive: All Garages Locations

Below, we'll show you the locations of all Garages in each map in LEGO 2K Drive. On each map screen, Garages are marked by a red icon with a yellow spanner.

Turbo Acres

There is 1 Garage in Turbo Acres:

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Big Butte County

There are 5 Garages in Big Butte County:

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Prospecto Valley

There are 4 Garages in Prospecto Valley:

LEGO 2K Drive: All Garages Locations 7
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There are 4 Garages in Hauntsborough:

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That's where to find all Garages locations in LEGO 2K Drive. Have you unlocked them all yet? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out our LEGO 2K Drive guide for lots more.