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With this Kena: Bridge of Spirits roadmap, we will be outlining how to unlock the Platinum Trophy in this PS5 and PS4 indie adventure. As part of our Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide, we'll be going through all the Trophies in the game, detailing their descriptions and how to unlock each one. You'll also find a Trophy roadmap, where we'll go over the general order in which you should get all the Trophies if you want the Platinum.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: How to Get the Platinum Trophy

The Trophy list below is pretty straightforward. There aren't any missable Trophies, so you don't need to worry about that. One Trophy in particular, Master Spirit Guide, will likely take the most time, requiring that you play the game on Master Spirit Guide difficulty, which isn't unlocked by default.

The relic Trophies, such as Taro's Fear, Adira's Love, and so on, are obtained as part of the main quest — you don't need to search high and low for those. Likewise, Trophies that require you to learn certain abilities — Hunter in the Forest, Harness Your Power, Crossing Over — will all come to you as you play through the story.

The main Trophies you'll need to concern yourself with are the ones about collectibles. There are loads of collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. If you want to get the Platinum, you're going to have to find pretty much everything in the game. No Stone Unturned, Hat Collector, and Restoration Master, to name a few, require that you locate all the Rot, Hats, and Flower Shrines respectively.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Trophies and How to Unlock Them

There are 42 Trophies to collect in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, including the Platinum. Below, we've outlined the full Trophy list, along with their descriptions and some hints on how to get each one.

All Trophies Obtained

Platinum: Obtained all Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophies.

Self-explanatory, this: collect all the below Trophies in order to unlock the Platinum.

Hunter in the Forest

Bronze: Learned the Bow Ability.

Learn the Bow technique from Rusu. You'll unlock this as part of the main quest, so you can't miss it.

Harness Your Power

Bronze: Learned the Bomb Ability.

Learn how to use Bombs. You'll get this ability on the main path, so don't worry about missing this one.

Crossing Over

Bronze: Learned the Dash Ability.

Learn how to do the Dash move. Again, this ability is unmissable, so you'll get this Trophy as part of progression.

Found a Friend

Bronze: Hero Rot joined your team.

This Trophy will unlock as soon as you collect the very first Rot at the beginning of the game. For more on finding the Rot, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Rot Locations.


Bronze: Discovered the Village.

Early in the game, you will come across the Village, which acts as a hub. This Trophy will pop once you reach it for the first time.

Into the Woods

Bronze: Discovered the Forest.

This Trophy will unlock once you find the Forest area. You can't miss this Trophy, as it unlocks as you naturally progress through the game.

The Open Range

Bronze: Discovered the Farm.

Another unmissable Trophy, you'll get this one when you find the Farm for the first time.

The Lonely Path

Bronze: Reached the Mountain Shrine.

This is another Trophy you'll get as part of the story.

Taro's Fear

Bronze: Found Taro's Knife Relic.

Get Taro's Knife. This is part of the main quest and unmissable.

Taro's Regret

Bronze: Found Taro's Lantern Relic.

Get Taro's Lantern. Again, you can't miss this one.

Taro's Love

Bronze: Found Taro's Food Offering Relic.

Get Taro's Food Offering. Another unmissable Trophy, as you get all the relics on the main quest.

Adira's Love

Bronze: Found Adira's Ox Relic.

Get Adira's Ox. As with all relic Trophies, they'll unlock when you get the items in the main quest.

Adira's Fear

Bronze: Found Adira's Hammer Relic.

Get Adira's Hammer. Unlocks as part of the story.

Adira's Regret

Bronze: Found Adira's Village Heart Relic.

Get Adira's Village Heart. Also unlocks as part of the story.

Toshi's Love

Bronze: Found Toshi's Village Crest Relic.

Get Toshi's Village Crest. You'll get this Trophy as the game progresses.

Toshi's Fear

Bronze: Found Toshi's Incense Relic.

Get Toshi's Incense. Unmissable as it's part of the main quest.

Toshi's Regret

Bronze: Found Toshi's Harpoon Relic.

Get Toshi's Harpoon. Another unmissable Trophy, so don't sweat it.

Spirit Guide

Silver: Defeated Corrupted Taro.

Beat Corrupted Taro, a major boss fight.

A Heavy Hammer

Silver: Defeated the Corrupted Woodsmith.

Beat the Corrupted Woodsmith, another major boss in the game.

A Leader Walks Alone

Silver: Defeated Corrupted Toshi.

Beat Corrupted Toshi, also one of the game's major bosses.

Restore Balance

Gold: Defeated the Corrupted Rot God.

Beat the Corrupted Rot God, the last boss in the game.

Piercing Bow

Bronze: Hit 3 Enemies with a single Rot Infused Arrow.

Unlock the Rot Infused Arrow ability. Use this new ability to strike three enemies with one arrow. They don't have to be perfectly lined up, but the arrow has to pass through three enemies.

Weigh Them Down

Bronze: Destroyed a Moth enemy with a Bomb.

Once you've unlocked Bombs, use one to kill a Moth enemy. They sometimes fly quite low, so that's your best opportunity.

Quick Draw

Bronze: Hit 3 critical hit spots in 3 seconds.

Some enemies have yellow crystals on them. If you strike them with an arrow, you'll deal more damage. Hit three of these spots within three seconds to pop the Trophy.

Bow Master

Bronze: Hit 3 enemies with a single Multi-shot.

Unlock the Bind Multishot ability. In combat, send the Rot to bind an enemy, then fire at it with an arrow. As long as the arrow splits and hits three other enemies, you'll get the Trophy, so try for this when there are lots of baddies on-screen.


Bronze: Defeated an enemy by shooting a Bomb out of the air.

While a Bomb is airborne, shoot it with an arrow. If the explosion kills an enemy, you'll get this Trophy.

Between the Eyes

Bronze: Destroyed a Shield Sticks without breaking his shield.

A Shield Sticks is a small enemy with a full body shield he holds in front of him. To get this Trophy, you can either hit him with an arrow through the small gap in the shield, or you can roll behind him and hit him with melee strikes.

Return to Sender

Bronze: Destroyed a Mage with its own bomb.

Mages are larger enemies that send homing bombs after you. If you parry one of these bombs, it'll fly back at the Mage. Do this and kill the Mage to get the Trophy.

Triple Threat

Bronze: Destroyed 3 enemies with a single Parry.

By pressing L1 just before an enemy hits, you can perform a parry, which will deal a little damage and knock enemies back. Do this and kill three enemies at once, and you'll get this Trophy. It's a tricky one to line up.

Rot Commander

Bronze: Use 5 Rot Actions in a single combat.

During combat, the Rot can help you out, either by finding healing flowers, attacking enemies themselves, or imbuing your own attacks to make them super powerful. Perform five Rot Actions in one combat encounter to nab this one.

Triple Tap

Bronze: Destroyed 3 enemies with a single dash attack.

Dashing into enemies will do some damage. Kill three enemies with one Dash, and you'll pick up this Trophy.

No Stone Unturned

Gold: Found all of the Rot.

Find and collect every Rot creature in the game. If you need help with this, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Rot Locations.

Hat Collector

Silver: Collected all Rot Hats.

Get every Rot Hat in the game. For more info on where to find the Hats, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Hat Locations.

Curse Collector

Silver: Opened all Cursed Chests.

Find and beat all the Cursed Chests in the game. If you need help finding these, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Cursed Chest Locations.

Skillful Spirit Guide

Silver: Unlocked all ability upgrades.

As it says above, you need to unlock all of the ability upgrades in the game. Explore the world thoroughly and you should be able to do this no problem.

Good as New

Bronze: Restored a Flower Shrine.

Find and restore your first Flower Shrine. For more info, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Flower Shrine Locations.

Restoration Master

Silver: Restored all of the Flower Shrines.

Find and restore every Flower Shrine in the game. If you need help finding these, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Flower Shrine Locations.

Zen Master

Silver: Meditated at all Meditation Spots.

Find and meditate at every Meditation Spot in the game. If you're struggling, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Meditation Spot Locations.

The Last Stop

Silver: Delivered all Spirit Mail.

Find and deliver all Spirit Mail in the game. For help on where to find these, see our guide: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Spirit Mail Locations.

Say Cheese

Bronze: Captured a picture in Photo Mode.

Here's an easy one. Simply open up Photo Mode during gameplay and take a snapshot to get this Trophy.

Master Spirit Guide

Gold: Beat the game on Master difficulty.

To get this Trophy, you will need to clear the game on Master Spirit Guide difficulty. This difficulty setting is not available until you've beaten Kena: Bridge of Spirits on one of the other difficulty levels. In other words, you will have to play through the game twice in order to get this Trophy: once on either Story Mode, Spirit Guide, or Expert Spirit Guide difficulty, and then a second time on Master Spirit Guide difficulty.

That about does it for our Kena: Bridge of Spirits Trophy guide. Have you unlocked all the Trophies in Kena: Bridge of Spirits yet? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide for lots more info on the game.