Horizon Zero Dawn How to Get the Shield-Weaver Outfit Power Cells Locations

How do you get the Shield-Weaver outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn? And what are all Power Cells locations? As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to help you recover an ancient technology and put it to use by explaining how to complete the Ancient Armory side-quest, find all Power Cells, and unlock the best armour in the game, which effectively makes you invincible to enemy attacks. You'll also pick up the Got the Shield-Weaver Outfit Trophy along the way.

Horizon Zero Dawn: All Power Cells Locations

In order to get the Shield-Weaver outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn, you'll need to locate five Power Cells around the game world which can then be taken to the Ancient Armory in order to solve a couple of door puzzles. Do keep in mind that you may need to have progressed to a certain point in the story (denoted below) to reach the required locations, but you can always return to these areas if you've already beaten the game.

Power Cell Location #1

Location: All-Mother

Quest: The Womb of the Mountain

When you wake up in the mountain, there's a room immediately to the right on the first floor. On the left-hand side of this room is a little cavity that you can crawl through. Press square to crouch down and follow the tunnel. You'll emerge in a room with a Power Cell.

If you missed this one, you'll need to wait until after you've completed the 'Heart of the Nora' quest in order to return.

Power Cell Location #2

Location: Maker's End

Quest: Maker's End

Climb to the very top of the tower where the big office is. Directly behind you are some yellow peg holes which can be climbed. Reach the highest point of the tower, where you'll find a Power Cell.

Power Cell Location #3

Location: The Grave Hoard

Quest: The Grave Hoard

On the third floor, you'll need to complete a simple ring puzzle to open a locked door. You should stumble upon the Power Cell on the other side of the door.

Power Cell Location #4

Location: GAIA Prime

Quest: The Mountain That Fell

On the third floor of GAIA Prime, you'll reach a point where you need to rappel down. Don't. Instead look to the left and you'll see some rocks that you can jump down onto. Follow the path until you see a purple area hidden away in the wall. Head into the room and you'll find the Power Cell perched on a cabinet.

Power Cell Location #5

Location: Ruins

Quest: N/A

Return to the Ruins (marked on the map as a green bunker) that Aloy fell into as a child. You should happen upon a couple of doors that can be pried open. On the first floor you'll notice an area that's blocked off with a Power Cell on the other side. Smash the pointed rocks with your spear to get inside the room, and pick up your prize.

Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get the Shield-Weaver Outfit

In order to get the Shield-Weaver outfit, set the Ancient Armory side-quest as your tracked quest, and follow the way marker to the Ancient Armory bunker. Drop down and follow the cave into the room with the armour inside. Insert the Power Cells into all of the missing cylinders. Then complete the ring door puzzle; the solution from left-to-right when facing it is Up, Right, Down, Left, Up.

Head through the door that opens, and follow the path around into another room with a second ring puzzle. Insert the missing power cells and then enter the following sequence from left-to-right when facing it: Right, Left, Up, Right, Left. Return to the main room with the armour and loot it, then equip it from the main menu by opening the Shield-Weaver Outfit Box from your Treasure Boxes inventory and select it from the Outfits inventory.

Did you get the Shield-Weaver outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn yet? Check out our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, and let us know in the comments section below.