Shadow in the West is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West found in Barren Light after completing Shadow from the Past. You'll likely discover it during The Embassy. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Shadow in the West.

Shadow in the West: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Shadow in the West Guide 1
You'll unlock Shadow in the West immediately after completing Shadow from the Past, at some point during The Embassy.
Type Description Recommended Level
Side Quest Eclipse holdouts are gathering in the Forbidden West, rebuilding their army after the Battle of the Alight. They must be stopped for good. 10
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Shadow in the West: Walkthrough

Once you've completed The Embassy and entered the Forbidden West, you'll be able to pinpoint the Eclipse Hideout Coordinates you found in Shadow from the Past. This will take you to a location called Shadow's Reach, which is west of Stone's Echo. Here you'll be faced with an army of Eclipse and Scrappers. Take them out, either stealthily or directly, and then speak to Yef.

Make your way around the wooden bridge and pick up the Whisper Hunter Bow from the chest. Take down more Eclipse in the next area, as well as a Longlegs. Then free the Utaru in the base and prepare yourself for a tough battle against a Ravager and Vezreh. You can use Acid against the Ravager, and the environment to help with Vezreh. Scan all the Datapoints in the next room to complete the mission, including one on the other side of a vent. Access it with your Pullcaster.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Eclipse Hideout Coordinates
  • Kill the Eclipse
  • Find an Entrance into the Eclipse Hideout
  • Talk to the Utaru Prisoner
  • Find Vezreh
  • Free the Utaru Captives
  • Enter Vexreh's Chamber
  • Kill Vezreh and His Machine
  • Investigate Vezreh's Chamber
  • Talk to Yef

Shadow in the West: Weapons Obtained

  • Whisper Hunter Bow: Used by Utaru archers, this mid-range bow is excellent for stealth engagements and deals extra damage to unaware enemies.

Shadow in the West: Auto Datapoints Obtained

  • Failsafe
  • Bad Way to Go
  • Five Tribes
  • The Others

Shadow in the West: Hologram Datapoints Obtained

  • Vezreh

Shadow in the West: Rewards

  • 2,500 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

Shadow in the West: Notes

Completing Shadow in the West contributes to the Saved the Daunt Trophy.

Did you follow this walkthrough for Shadow in the West? For more information on Horizon Forbidden West, including All Quests, refer to our Horizon Forbidden West guide through the link.