Reach for the Stars is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically issued at the beginning of the game. It's immediately followed by The Point of the Lance. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Reach for the Stars.

Reach for the Stars: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Reach for the Stars Guide 1
Reach for the Stars begins immediately when you start the game, and serves as a sort of tutorial mission.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest A long search has led Aloy to a mysterious ancient facility. Together with her friend Varl, she must comb through the ruins for a backup of GAIA — her last hope for repairing the terraforming system that can heal the world. 3

Reach for the Stars: Walkthrough

Reach for the Stars teaches you all the basics of how to play Horizon Forbidden West, and serves as the setup for the story. During the quest you'll craft the Pullcaster, which operates as a grappling hook and aids you in traversal.

As a first mission, it's all relatively straightforward what you need to do. Follow Varl through the Far Zenith facility, and familiarise yourself with your tools. When you need to climb the tower to knock down the shuttle, use your Focus with R3 to highlight climbing routes and shoot out the bright yellow cable connectors at the top to pin the Slitherfang down. The fight is pretty straightforward because the Slitherfang can't move, so scan it and target its weak spots to inflict additional damage.

Objective Log

  • Gather Medicinal Skybrush
  • Eat the Medicinal Berries
  • Go to the Ancient Ruins
  • Find an Entrance to the Ancient Ruins
  • Search the Ancient Ruins for a GAIA Backup
  • Examine the Rubble in the Collapsed Wall
  • Examine the Corpse
  • Search the Camp for Parts to Repair the Tool
  • Craft the Tool
  • Scan the Area
  • Use the Grapple Point
  • Lower the Ladder
  • Hide in the Tall Grass
  • Kill the Burrower with a Silent Strike
  • Kill the Machines
  • Craft Blast Traps (Optional)
  • Examine the Console
  • Talk to Varl
  • Go to the Data Center
  • Go to the Shuttle
  • Search for the Shuttle Clamp Controls
  • Climb up the Launch Tower
  • Shoot the Shuttle Cable Connectors
  • Kill the Machine
  • Scan the Machine
  • Go to the Data Center
  • Search the Data Center for a GAIA Backup

Reach for the Stars: Special Gear Obtained

Horizon Forbidden West: Reach for the Stars Guide 9
An improved version of a delver's prototype tool that can latch onto and pull objects. Also enables grappling to specific points.

Reach for the Stars: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • Zero Dawn Trade Agreement
  • Intel Update
  • What to Do About Dalgaard?

Reach for the Stars: Hologram Datapoints Obtained

  • Welcome to Far Zenith
  • PR Presentation
  • Recruitment Presentation
  • Project Anzu
  • Surprise!

Reach for the Stars: Rewards

  • 500 XP

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