The Raintrace has a Hunting Grounds in Horizon Forbidden West overseen by Parallo. This is a mostly combat focused Hunting Ground. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Hunting Grounds in The Raintrace.

Hunting Grounds (The Raintrace): All Challenges

Horizon Forbidden West: Hunting Grounds (The Raintrace) Guide 2
Speak to Parallo at The Raintrace, east of Thornmarsh to begin the Hunting Grounds in The Raintrace.
Trial Description Time Tips and Tricks
Shock and Remove Trial Use shock ammo on a Tremortusk to build it up to the Shocked state and shoot off its Tusks.
  • Full Stripes: 2:00
  • Half Stripes: 3:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
This can be an annoying trial because the Tremortusk's tusks will sometime clip the ground when you Shock it, meaning you can't shoot it off. Try to lure the Tremortusk forward from your starting position and overload it. Then the tusks should be fairly straightforward to dismantle.
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Mounted Combat Trial Override and mount a Clawstrider and use it to kill other machines.
  • Full Stripes: 2:30
  • Half Stripes: 3:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00

To even attempt this trial, you will need the Clawstrider Override from Cauldron: IOTA. Once you have this, start the trial by overriding one of the Clawstriders in the arena. Mount it, and then use R1 and R2 to have the machine kill the other Clawstriders with its light and heavy attacks. The Tremortusk is a pest here, but you can get the job done pretty quickly if you steer things away from it.

Heavy Weapons Trial Shoot off any of the Tremortusk's Cannons and use it to kill machines.
  • Full Stripes: 3:00
  • Half Stripes: 4:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
The Tremortusk's weapon is right on the top of its head. Remove it as quickly as you can and then get away from the Tremortusk once you've retrieved the weapon. Search for the Clawstriders and try to get quite close to them before charging up the weapon and firing to blow them up.

Hunting Grounds (The Raintrace): Notes

Hunting Medals earned during the Hunting Grounds can be spent on weapons at The Arena. You'll need to complete all four Hunting Grounds to unlock the Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds Trophy.

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