Sheerside Mountains has a Hunting Grounds in Horizon Forbidden West. run by Lokattok. This is a mostly hunt-based Hunting Ground. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Hunting Grounds in Sheerside Mountains.

Hunting Grounds (Sheerside Mountains): All Challenges

Horizon Forbidden West: Hunting Grounds (Sheerside Mountains) Guide 2
Speak to Lokattok atop the mountain directly south of Stone Crest to start the Hunting Grounds in Sheerside Mountains.
Trial Description Time Tips and Tricks
Frost Trial

Use Frost ammo on Bellowbacks to build up the Brittle state and destroy their Cargo Refining Sacs.

  • Full Stripes: 3:00
  • Half Stripes: 4:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
A Rollerback will be in the arena with you, but try to stay out of its way if possible. Freeze the Bellowbacks as quick as you can, and then once you trigger the Brittle status, target their sacs hard.
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Shredder Catch Trial Hit a machine three times with a Shredder. Catch it upon return each time to charge it. When fully charged, hit a machine with it to inflict devastating damage.
  • Full Stripes: 2:00
  • Half Stripes: 3:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
Stand as far back as possible from the machines so you can carefully judge the arc that your Shredder will return in. Then throw your Shredder, and try to guess its return arc so you can catch it. Repeat this two or three times, until you throw an exploding Shredder. You need to hit machines with two exploding Shredders to complete the trial.
Plasma Blast Trial Use Plasma ammo on a Rollerback to build it up to the Plasma Blast state, which starts a timer. Inflict max damage to the machine to create the most powerful explosion when the timer ends.
  • Full Stripes: 2:00
  • Half Stripes: 3:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
Look for the Rollerback and inflict Plasma damage as quickly as possible. This will bring up a separate meter which you can charge up with your spear. Then let the counter expire and repeat to complete the trial.

Hunting Grounds (Sheerside Mountains): Notes

Hunting Medals earned during the Hunting Grounds can be spent on weapons at The Arena. You'll need to complete all four Hunting Grounds to unlock the Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds Trophy.

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