Horizon Forbidden West Does It Have Flying Mounts Guide PS5 PS4 1

How do you fly in Horizon Forbidden West? Is it possible to ride flying mounts in Horizon Forbidden West? There have always been machines that take to the skies in the Horizon games, but you might be wondering if and how you can ride them in the sequel. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to tell you how to fly.

Horizon Forbidden West: What Machines Can You Fly?

Horizon Forbidden West has several flying machines, but which ones can you override and fly? The answer is that only one machine type will allow you to do this. The Sunwing is the machine that will let you take to the air and fly around the open world. You can fly to your heart's content — there are no restrictions, other than you can't fly too high (or indoors, of course). You can fly across the entire map.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Fly

So, now you know which flying machines you can ride in Horizon Forbidden West. How do you fly? Well, you will have to be quite patient, as the ability to fly Sunwings is unlocked deep into the game's main story.

In order to fly, you will first need to complete the Main Quest, The Wings of the Ten. During the course of this mission, you will gain the ability to override Sunwings and then take your first flight. After the quest is complete, you will be able to call on your overridden Sunwing whenever you like, much in the same way as land mounts. It is possible for your Sunwing to be destroyed if it's caught in the middle of a battle. If this happens, you can always override another one — just find any Sunwing Site on the map and approach one stealthily.

Horizon Forbidden West Does It Have Flying Mounts Guide PS5 PS4 2

When you have overridden a Sunwing, scroll through the D-pad menu on the bottom left of the screen using the left and right buttons. Do this until you find the above pictured symbol. Press down on the D-pad and the Sunwing will pick Aloy up, and you'll immediately be in flight mode.

As you're flying across the map, you may come across the symbol above (right). This is a perch: these are often nearby settlements and towns in the game, letting you land your Sunwing and venture inside. It'll stay there until you climb back on or call it from the D-pad menu, as above.

Horizon Forbidden West: Flight Controls

The default flight controls are as follows:

Input Action
Left stick UP Fly down
Left stick DOWN Fly up
Left stick LEFT Turn left
Left stick RIGHT Turn right
Hold X Fly forward
Hold Circle Stop (hover)
Hold R1 Hover up (gain altitude)
Hold R2 Hover down (lower altitude)
Square Dismount (don't forget the glider if you do this in mid-air!)
Triangle Barrel roll

So, that's how to fly in Horizon Forbidden West. Have you been enjoying using flying mounts? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our Horizon Forbidden West guide for lots more.