The Stillsands has a Gauntlet Run in Horizon Forbidden West which is started by resting at the Campfire north of Dunehollow. This Gauntlet Run will be automatically added to your quests list after completing the previous one in Bonewhite Tear. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Gauntlet Run in The Stillsands.

Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands): Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands) Guide 1
Rest at the Campfire north of Dunehollow and the Gauntlet Run will begin.
Type Description Recommended Level
Gauntlet Run

Red Teeth has challenged Aloy to a final race. If she can claim victory, he will at last reveal the face behind his mask.

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Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands): Walkthrough

Horizon Forbidden West: Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands) Guide 3

This is a much shorter Gauntlet Run than previous ones, but visibility is low due to the night-time setting and Red Teeth will really pull away if you get caught among the pack. Use Blaze Boosts to close the gap as best as possible, and remember to use arrows to take down any competitors in front of you. When you're nearing the final straight, save up a Blaze Boost and zoom to victory. Then speak with Red Teeth to learn who he is and loot your reward: Carja's Bane.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Next Race Track
  • Talk to Red Teeth
  • Gather the Reward

Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands): Weapons Obtained

Horizon Forbidden West: Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands) Guide 3
  • Carja's Bane: A powerful bow that brought down many Carja during the Red Raids. Reclaimed from a rebel champion, it is prized by the Tenakth for its mobility and use in close-quarters combat.

Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands): Rewards

  • 6,071 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 26 Metal Shards
  • 2 Silver Ingot

Gauntlet Run (The Stillsands): Notes

Completing the Gauntlet Run in The Stillsands will contribute to the Won 2 Gauntlet Runs Trophy.

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