Fenrise is a Rebel Camp in Horizon Forbidden West, located to the southeast of Fall's Edge. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Fenrise.

Fenrise: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camp Fenrise Guide PS5 PS4 1
Fenrise can be found southeast of Fall's Edge, nearby Rebel Outpost: Raintrace East.
Type Description Recommended Level
Rebel Camp

In a devastating blow to the Lowlanders, rebel holdouts have taken over one of their settlements.


Fenrise: Walkthrough

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camp Fenrise Guide PS5 PS4 2

Regalla's rebels have taken over an entire Tenakth settlement. Approaching from the front, there's no clear way in. Head to the left-hand side, and you can destroy some wooden planks to make a hole in the wall for you to pass through.

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camp Fenrise Guide PS5 PS4 3

Once again, you need to locate the camp's leader. Work your way through the camp, staying in stealth unless you want to fight a lot of baddies. This is a big Rebel Camp. At the southwestern corner of the camp, you'll find a prisoner. Break open the cell and you'll have an ally helping you out.

Once you've killed the camp leader, you'll need to explore the deepest part of the camp — a raised circular platform. Off to one side of it is a device, highlighted in pink with the Focus. Approach it and investigate it. This unlocks the final Rebel Camp, First Forge.

Use the Focus to find a couple of other points of interest. Examine them. After looking at the Ornamentation, some Lowland Tenakth and rebels can be heard fighting. Go to them and kill the rebels. Afterwards, speak to Gattak, ending the Rebel Camp mission.

Objective Log

  • Infiltrate the Rebel Camp
  • Find the Camp's Leader
  • Kill the Camp's Leader
  • Search the Command Center
  • Kill the Rebels
  • Talk to Gattak

Fenrise: Rewards

  • 6,750 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

Fenrise: Notes

This is one of 6 Rebel Camps you need to clear in order to earn the Trophy Defeated Asera.

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