Eastern Lie is a Rebel Camp in Horizon Forbidden West issued immediately after The Embassy. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Eastern Lie.

Eastern Lie: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Eastern Lie Guide 1
Easten Lie is north west of Barren Light, above Relic Ruins: No Man's Land
Type Description Recommended Level
Rebel Camp Tenakth rebels have setup camp dangerous close to the Carja border. What could they be up to? 8

Eastern Lie: Walkthrough

Horizon Forbidden West: Eastern Lie Guide 3

You'll find Eastern Lie north of Relic Ruins: No Man's Land, but the rebels will close the gates as you approach. Take out any machines patrolling the area, then head up the hill to the right of the entrance and infiltrate the base. Take out the rebels inside, working your way deeper into the camp to face the Camp Leader. The Camp Leader will have a shield, but you can switch that off with Shock damage.

Examine the device on the table in the Command Centre, then search the old documents and Blazon Containers. Head back to the centre of the camp, near where the Oseram prisoner is locked up, and destroy the Blazon Stockpile with an arrow.

How to Get in Eastern Lie

Horizon Forbidden West: Eastern Lie Guide 2

As you approach Eastern Lie, you'll be spotted and the gates will be closed. To find another entrance, head right up the hill and sneak in through the opening.

Objective Log

  • Find the Rebel Camp North of Barren Light
  • Find Another Entrance to the Camp
  • Find the Camp's Leader
  • Kill the Camp's Leader
  • Search the Command Centre
  • Destroy the Blaze Stockpile

Eastern Lie: Outfits Obtained

  • Carja Blazon

Eastern Lie: Rewards

  • 2,670 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

Eastern Lie: Notes

This will likely be the first Rebel Camp you complete in Horizon Forbidden West, and will therefore unlock the First Rebel Camp Completed Trophy.

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