His Final Act is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores and automatically follows For His Amusement. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about His Final Act.

His Final Act: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: His Final Act 1
His Final Act begins immediately after defeating the Slaughterspine at the end of For His Amusement. — Image: Push Square
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest

Aloy and Seyka confront Londra in a final showdown — and the fight of their lives.

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His Final Act: Walkthrough

Travel to the northern part of the map, near Heaven's Rest. You'll need to wait at a campfire for Seyka to arrive. After a short cutscene, you'll need to make a dialogue decision to begin the mission. Select Let's Do This to get His Final Act underway. This will trigger another cutscene, as the pair climb to the Hollywood sign and that Horus you saw earlier. Once you retake control, drop down the ledge and deal with the Corrupters at the bottom. Then climb the ladder on the right. The Assault Drill will start scouting for you, so use them for cover as you make your way towards the Cooling Station. Using the stealth Valor Surge can help you here.

Detonate the Firegleam at the end of the path. You can collect some Brimshine on the right of the path here, so take a moment to grab that. Then climb the ladder. There are more Corrupters in this area which you'll need to stealth past along with the Assault Drill. Again, the Valor Surge can help. Sprint to the other side of the area and jump across the chasm to make your way up the hill. Then climb the wall. More Corrupters await; slip past them and deal with the Clamberjaws protecting the Cooling Station.

Scan the Heat Sinks on the Cooling Station. Then pull out the first one while Seyka shoots it; she'll subsequent pull out the second one and task you with shooting it. This will trigger at cutscene where the fun will really begin! Once you retake control, navigate the collapsed buildings towards the Horus. Once you have a clear shot, unleash on the Heat Sink; the homing capabilities of your Specter Gauntlet can help a lot here.

Once you've ignited the Heat Sink, the Horus will start charging and unleash an energy blast, so get out from underneath it. A bunch of Corrupters will attack the area, so deal with them. Once you're done, you'll have to scan the Horus for another Heat Sink, and then climb it, Shadow of the Colossus-style. Use one of the large beach rocks to leap to the Horus' back legs, and begin climbing up it. There are elemental hazards along the way, so time your climbing just right to avoid damage from those.

Once you've exposed the Heat Sinks, take care of them. He'll launch another electric pulse immediately after, so run away to avoid that. Swim over to the Horus as it falls into the ocean. As it stomps the ground with its limbs, attack the Heat Sinks that become exposed. After taking out two, he'll pepper you with machine gun fire so keep on the move. Then destroy the remaining two Heat Sinks. This will expose the primary Heat Sink on its chest. You know what to do! Once you've destroyed it, watch the cutscene.

This battle's not over yet: now you're underwater. Use the boost points to quickly swim to the breach in the Horus. If you're not sure where to go, ping your Focus with R3 and follow the pulsating orb. Pry open the door and swim forwards. Once you emerge from the water, begin climbing up the tower. Once you've climbed as far as you can go, follow the path as look for a route to Londra. You can avoid the waves of energy coming down one corridor by hiding in little alcoves and then edging forwards. Open the vent to come face-to-face with Londra.

Shooting him won't work. Instead shoot down the yellow cables until the Power Distributors appear, and destroy these. Once you're done, his shield will drop after his attacks: shoot the bright yellow cables behind him when they're exposed to detonate them. You can shoot down the electric orbs he launches at you, then dodge roll through the waves, before targeting the cables at the back. Once you're done, destroy the Processing Orb and watch the cutscene. Then listen to Sylens.

Travel back to Fleet's End and you'll find Seyka with Admiral Gerrit. Speak with both of them. Watch the cutscene. You can speak to Kina in Fleet's End at this point, although it is optional. Either way, you'll need to travel to the island north to meet up with Seyka for a chat.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: His Final Act 26
Image: Push Square

Speaking with her will complete His Final Act — but there's an important decision to make first! You'll unlock the Defeated Londra and His Horus Trophy for your troubles. You'll also unlock a new Interlude named Epilogue.

Objective Log

  • Meet Seyka Near Londra's Bunker
  • Find a Way to Sabotage the Pump
  • Overheat the Horus
  • Find an Entrance to the Horus
  • Climb to the Front of the Horus
  • Use Your Spear to Destroy the Processing Orb
  • Meet Seyka at Fleet's End
  • Talk to Kina [Optional]

Name: Rewards

  • 40,000 XP
  • 4 Skill Points
  • 1 Specter Vision

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