Heaven and Earth is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores and automatically follows To the Burning Shores. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: Heaven and Earth 1
Heaven and Earth begins immediately after completing To the Burning Shores. — Image: Push Square
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest In search of Londra and the missing Quen, Aloy and Seyka must fly to the ruins of Heaven¢. But the Zenith's ancient headquarters is as perilous as it is full of secrets. 41

Heaven and Earth: Walkthrough

Return to Fleet's End and speak with Seyka to begin Heaven and Earth. She'll ask you if you're ready, so select Time to Fly to begin the quest. Fly to your destination and land on the beach. Head up the hill and use the Quen Ballista to install some impromptu climbing points on the wall opposite.

Climb up to the top and wait for Seyka to cotton on that she needs to turn the wheel to raise the second Quen Ballista. Use it to fire a grapple point directly opposite, and then cross the bridge and climb up to the door. Pry it open and head inside. In the room on the left is a Datapoint you can scan and a Valuables Supply Cache. Pry open the door on the right and drop down.

Activate the projector on the machinery. Head deeper into Heaven¢ headquarters. When prompted, examine the corpse on the left. Then wait for Seyka to operate the Quen Ballista and create a grapple point for you. Use your Pullcaster to cross the gap, then deal with the Clamberjaws on the other side. Keep climbing up, and then use the Quen Ballista to create a path for Seyka just over to the left. You can use the Quen Ballista to help take out the Clamberjaws on the opposite side. Once again use the Quen Ballista to create more climbing points for Seyka, this time on the right.

Use your Shieldwing to cross to the other side, and then follow the same path Seyka took to higher ground. Pry open the door and climb up. Open the Ancient Supply Chest along the path and loot it for resources. Scan the Datapoint, and continue to follow the path. Examine the Quen corpse you find. You'll find more Datapoints and Brimshine along the way. Loot the caches and then head through the big doors, which have been painted over. Interact with the Primary Control Console. Listen to the voice log, then interact with the Secondary Control Console, which will play a second voice. You can then use the Focus to change the year and scan the asteroids. Keep doing this until you work out the door code.

What Is the Door Code in Heaven and Earth?

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Image: Push Square

The door code in Heaven and Earth is 3285. You determine this by listening to four different audio logs and scanning different asteroids from a span of 15 years. Each contains crucial mission information, which you can pair with the information from the data logs to solve the door code.

Explore Londra's living quarters, then interact with the Holo Projector in the back room. Follow the quest markers through and door and back outside into the open world. You'll have to deal with the Glinthawks and Skydrifters first. Once you've taken care of everyone and looted their parts, examine the base of the transmitter, then talk to Seyka to complete the quest. The Stars in Their Eyes will begin immediately afterwards.

Objective Log

  • Go to Fleet's End
  • Talk to Seyka
  • Fly to Starlight Rise
  • Explore the Excavation Site
  • Find a Way Up the Cliff
  • Create a Path to the Facility Entrance
  • Enter the Facility
  • Search the Ruins for Londra and the Missing Quen
  • Examine the Quen Worksite
  • Climb Up the Ballista
  • Create a Climbing Path for Seyka
  • Climb Up the Chasm
  • Find the Door Code
  • Investigate Londra's Living Quarters
  • Find the Transmitter
  • Kill the Machines
  • Examine the Base of the Statue
  • Talk to Seyka

Heaven and Earth: Rewards

  • 32,800 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

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