Where are all Pangea Figurines in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? Where are all the Pangea Figurines located? In Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, Pangea Figurines are a type of collectable scattered across the map. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to tell you where to find all the Pangea Figurines.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: All Pangea Figurines Locations

Below, we've listed all 5 Pangea Figurines in Burning Shores, including their locations and how to get them. You need to find all the Pangea Figurines in order to solve the Dino Digits quiz and earn the Trophy Completed the Dino Digits Quiz. For more information about the Dino Digits quiz, hit the link.

All Pangea Figurines are located inside small buildings with holographic signs reading The Fandom Zone:

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: All Pangea Figurines Locations 1
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This Pangea Figurine can be found to the north of Fleet's End, on the island just south of the northwestern lava flow.

On approach you'll see the Fandom Zone shop but it has a locked door and a console to the left. You need a key code in order to open the door. Use your Focus and scan the item to the left. This document tells you the code is carved into a nearby tower.

Turn to the left to find a ladder. Shoot down the lock and climb up the side of the tower. At the top, approach the corner to find the carving. The code is: 111464

Return to the Fandom Zone and enter the code into the console. Go inside and over to the right to find the Pangea Figurine.

Green Raptor

This Pangea Figurine is located due east of Fleet's End, near a Stalker site.

When you reach the Fandom Zone building, go inside and scan the datapoint to the left. It'll tell you the Pangea Figurine was stolen and is located in a nearby parking garage. Go back out and head northeast and pass through the large doorway. Aloy will point out an underground ruin just ahead.

Make your way down and into the ruins. Inside are a few wrecked cars. Go down to the next level of the car park and over to the left. You'll find a hole that leads to the next level down. Go down and just ahead to the left, pry open the car to the left to find this Pangea Figurine.

Queen Rex

This Pangea Figurine can be found to the west of Fleet's End, past the Tremortusk site.

Outside the Fandom Zone building is a dead Fanghorn, which Aloy will comment on. Scan it and Aloy will say it was crushed by a collapsing wall. Examine the highlighted area nearby, then turn to look at the collapsed wall. Use the Pullcaster to remove the debris, then examine the Shell-Walker crate inside.

Back outside, use the Focus to highlight the track, then follow it down towards the west coast. You'll find some Shell-Walkers hanging around with some Widemaws. Defeat the machines. In this area, you'll spot a couple of crates in the shallow water. Approach them and you'll find this Pangea Figurine.

Red Raptor

This Pangea Figurine is located to the northwest of the map, in some watery ruins opposite a lava flow north of Cauldron: THETA.

On approach to the Fandom Zone store, you'll find that it's mostly submerged in water. On one side is a ladder you can climb; do this, then detonate the pink Firegleam on the column opposite. This opens a hole into the building.

Drop down and beneath the water is a datapoint, which says the Pangea Figurine is in the houses to the northeast of here. Climb back up, then call in your flying mount. Fly northeast — you want to find the house at the top of the lava flow.

On approach to the house, you'll see a talons icon appear above a grate on the roof. Lower your altitude with R2 and when you're close enough, press Triangle and your mount will remove the grate. Drop into the hole and the Pangea Figurine is inside.

Reggie the Pterodactyl

This Pangea Figurine is found within Pangea Park, nearby a Campfire south of the Raptor Raid building.

Approach the Fandom Zone shop. The Pangea Figurine is inside on the left, but you can't just walk in. Instead, go around to the right and on the wall you'll see a grate you can grapple to. Do this and Aloy will rip it open, then grapple again to climb inside the vent shaft.

Walk forwards and you'll drop down. Continue forwards to the end of the shaft, then look left and open the vent. Drop down into the room and the Pangea Figurine is inside. To get outside quickly, turn around and use the Pullcaster to pull down a wall.

That's where to find all Pangea Figurines in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. Have you got them all? Tell us in the comments section below, then check out our Horizon Forbidden West guide for much more.