A Dash of Courage is an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West found in Chainscrape and issued by Milduf. You'll likely discover it during the quest To the Brink. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about A Dash of Courage.

A Dash of Courage: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: A Dash of Courage Guide 1
A Dash of Courage can be started by speaking to Milduf in the tavern at Chainscrape.
Type Description Recommended Level
Errand The cook in Chainscrape needs supplies and equipment to keep up with his customers' demands. 5

A Dash of Courage: Walkthrough

You'll find Bitter Leaf growing around Chainscrape, and there are also plenty of Boars in the area which need to be killed for Wild Meat. The Scrounger site can be found to the north-east of Chainscrape, and you'll loot the Corrugated Metal Panel from among some debris.

Objective Log

  • Gather Wild Meat (5)
  • Gather Bitter Leaf (3)
  • Go to the Scrounger Site
  • Gather a Corrugated Metal Panel
  • Deliver the Supplies to Milduf

A Dash of Courage: Rewards

  • 830 XP
  • 1 Skill Point

A Dash of Courage: Notes

Upon completing A Dash of Courage, Milduf will reward you with a free meal for you to take on your travels. Talk to him again to add this to your Pouch.

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