What's the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail? At the beginning of your adventure aboard the Astral Express, you'll be given the option to select either a male or female Trailblazer, which represents your first big decision in the game. As part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to determine the best Trailblazer to choose.

What's the Best Trailblazer to Choose in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail: Best Trailblazer to Choose 1
Image: Push Square

The Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai: Star Rail, and has five-star rarity despite being a free unlock at the beginning of the game. After completing the introductory sequence with Kafka and Silver Wolf in the Herta Space Station, you'll be tasked with choosing between two Trailblazers: Caelus (male) and Stelle (female).

In terms of statistics and attributes, both options are identical. The only differences between the two Trailblazers are the artwork and voice actors. If you're playing in English, then Caelus is voiced by Caleb Yen, while Stelle is voiced by Rachael Chau. You should pick the Trailblazer you like the look of most, as your decision has no impact on the gameplay or the outcome of the story.

Who do you think is the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail? Let us know which protagonist you picked in the comments section below, and be sure to refer to our Honkai: Star Rail guide for more information.