How do you open Eyeball Chests in Hogwarts Legacy? As you're exploring Hogwarts and the open world, you're likely to encounter large chests that have a big eyeball at the centre. However, you can't simply walk up to them and open them like Collection Chests. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we're going to reveal how to open Eyeball Chests.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Eyeball Chests

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Eyeball Chests 1

In order to open Eyeball Chests, you'll need the Spell called Disillusionment. This is a charm you cast on yourself to make you invisible. Stand well back of an Eyeball Chest, use the Spell, and then walk up to it and open it. Every Eyeball Chest contains the same reward: 500 Coins. The Disillusionment charm is learned during a Main Quest called Secrets of the Restricted Section. It's unmissable, so you will eventually gain the ability to unlock Eyeball Chests. You just then need to put two and two together.

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