How do you open animal symbol puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy? As you're exploring Hogwarts, you'll likely come across locked doors that have the symbols of creatures around the outside. Then, nearby, there are two interactive circles with those same icons on. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we're going to reveal how to open animal symbol doors.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Animal Symbol Puzzle Doors

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Animal Symbol Doors 1

While you could work out how to open Animal Symbol Doors on your own, it's best to let the game explain it for you. From the Floo Flame named Divination Classroom in The Library Annex, go up the small wooden staircase and follow the path along until you can take a right. At the end here is the tutorial for this puzzle. First, open the Chest and you'll be handed a piece of paper that lists the numbers each animal symbol corresponds to. Then, if you look at the chalkboard, you're provided with a demonstration of how the equations work to open Animal Symbol Doors.

When you start trying to work out the required Animal Symbol, you're trying to create a sum that adds up to the number in the centre of the triangle on the door, revealed once you interact with it. The equation begins with the first small circle the triangle is pointing to, either up or down. It then always goes in a clockwise motion.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Animal Symbol Doors 4

So, for the Animal Symbol Door attached to the tutorial, the top equation begins with a three-headed dragon. The cheat sheet tells us this represents the number 3. There's also a 2 in there, and we need to make the number 9. Therefore, we need to spin the interactive circle on the left so it displays the bird perched on a branch, representing the number 4. Just Roll it until you find the correct Animal Symbol. Then, for the right-hand interactive circle, we begin with a 1. Nothing is added to it, so we need a 3 to make the middle number of a 4. That's the three-headed dragon. Once you've got the right Animal Symbols in place, interact with the door again and it should unlock. Inside you'll find a Chest to open.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Animal Symbol Doors 5

You can use this approach to unlock every Animal Symbol Door in the game, gaining access to their rewards. If you look at the symbols around each door and remember they go in order from 0 to 9, then you'll quickly find these to be easy puzzles. If you ever forget, though, you can view the piece of paper with all the icons and numbers on under the Quest Items tab in your Inventory.

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