How long does it take to beat Hogwarts Legacy? How many hours long is the game? As a huge open world experience, Hogwarts Legacy can last you a really long time, depending on how much of its content you plan to complete. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we're going to reveal how long it takes to beat the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

Hogwarts Legacy: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

A casual playthrough of the game on the Normal difficulty level should take anywhere in the region of 25-30 hours. This includes dipping into Side Quests and Assignments, as well as filling up your Collections tab a little. If you increase the difficulty to Hard, expect the campaign to take roughly another five hours to finish.

If you are looking to earn 100% completion in the game, you should set aside around 75 hours to do everything. Please note your playtime will be extended if you select the Hard difficulty. 100% completion includes completing All Quests, finding all Collectibles, and filling out every Collections option.

It's not possible to unlock the Platinum Trophy in a single playthrough; it requires you to reach a certain point in the game with all four Houses. Therefore, if you're looking to unlock every Trophy in the game, add another six or hours onto the required amount of time for a 100% completion. You're looking at roughly 80 hours to get the Platinum Trophy.

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