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In this Hades Trophy roadmap, we'll explain how to unlock the Platinum Trophy in this beloved indie action title. As part of our Hades guide, we're going to outline all the Trophies in the game, along with their descriptions and some advice on how to obtain each one. You'll also find a Trophy roadmap, detailing a rough order in which you should be able to unlock all the Trophies.

Hades: How to Get the Platinum Trophy

Let's not beat about the bush, here: Hades' Trophy list is going to take you a while. A large number of the Trophies can only be obtained after you've cleared the main game for the first time, after which it opens up all kinds of new bits and pieces. Considering that first victory can potentially take dozens of hours depending on the player, getting the Platinum here will take some real time and commitment.

But let's go through what you can achieve relatively quickly. There are a couple of Trophies that spring to mind — Three-Headed Boy and Skelly Slayer. These will be among your first Trophies, with very simple requirements (pet Cerberus 10 times, kill Skelly the training dummy 15 times). You can cheese these with ease. Next up are a trio of pretty straightforward trinkets, awarded for completing each of the first three regions of the game: Escaped Tartarus, Escaped Asphodel, and Escaped Elysium. It might take a bit of effort to get these, but you'll eventually be able to clear these biomes easily. Is There No Escape? is awarded when you beat the final boss and complete your first successful run, so that'll come to you naturally as well. Other Trophies we secured early on include Arms Collector, Friends in High Places, and Chthonic Colleagues — all popped during regular play time with no real effort.

After this, things start to get tougher. Again, many Trophies require that you've escaped the Underworld at least once. There are numerous Trophies for completing certain Prophecies in the game — War-God's Bloodlust, End to Torment, Musician and Muse, etc. These might require at least one complete run, but they also might need you to have developed affinity with certain characters and met other criteria. Our advice if you want to get these is to speak with everyone as often as you can, and give out Nectar whenever you're able. Gathering Nectar becomes easier in the late game, but it's still fairly rare, so these can take a while.

There are other Trophies that require use of the Pact of Punishment, which is unlocked after completing your first successful escape. Hold the Onions, Champion of Elysium, The Useless Trinket, and Skelly's Last Lamentations, among others, require you to make repeated use of this late game system, so get used to the idea of putting in dozens of runs to nab these.

Lastly, there are Trophies that are easy, but very time-consuming. Something From Everyone merely asks that you unlock all the standard Keepsakes. It's easy enough to do, but you'll need lots of Nectar, which isn't in constant supply. Max-ranking all the Keepsakes for Friends Forever is also just a bit of a time sink. Complete Set and Infernal Arms will take even longer; the former requires you to forge strong relationships with basically every character, while the latter will involve grinding for Titan Blood — another rare commodity. Fortunately the game is very good, so you'll probably want to spend a lot of time playing, and things do get easier later on when you're more powerful.

Hades: All Trophies

There are 50 Trophies to collect in Hades, including the Platinum. Below is a list of every Trophy, their descriptions, and how to unlock each one.

God of Blood

Platinum: Earn all other Trophies

As always, the Platinum Trophy is unlocked after you gather all other Trophies in the game.

Escaped Tartarus

Bronze: Clear Tartarus

This Trophy is awarded when you complete Tartarus, the first biome of the game.

Escaped Asphodel

Bronze: Clear Asphodel

You'll get this Trophy when you complete the game's second biome, Asphodel.

Escaped Elysium

Bronze: Clear Elysium

Complete the third biome, Elysium, to nab this Trophy.

Champion of Elysium

Silver: Clear Elysium with the 'Extreme Measures' Condition

Hades Guide Trophies Champion of Elysium PS5 PS4

To get this Trophy, you will need to have completed a full run at least once in order to unlock Pact of Punishment. Before you set off, activate at least one level of the Extreme Measures condition, then complete Elysium, the third region of the game.

Hold the Onions

Bronze: Clear an Infernal Gate without taking damage

Hades Guide Trophies Hold the Onions PS5 PS4

Infernal Gates are something you'll discover later on. First, you need to have unlocked Pact of Punishment by completing at least one full run. Then, you will need to purchase Gateways, Erebus from the House Contractor. An Infernal Gate will only spawn on a run if certain Heat levels are hit; the cheapest is Heat level 5, to make the gates spawn in Tartarus.

When you find an Infernal Gate, enter it and you'll partake in a Perfect Clear challenge. Beat this challenge without taking a single hit to pop the Trophy.

Is There No Escape?

Silver: Clear an escape attempt

Complete a full run through the game, beating the final boss, for the first time.

Weapon of Fate

Bronze: Clear an escape attempt with a hidden Weapon Aspect

Weapon Aspects unlock once you defeat the first boss with each of the six base weapons. You'll notice that each has a secret Weapon Aspect you can't unlock initially. The first thing you need to do here is reach the final boss of the game (you don't need to beat it). Next, invest your Titan's Blood in any five Weapon Aspects other than Zagreus' to unlock them. You'll also need the Fated List, which is an early item that you'll likely have by this point.

Once all these conditions are met, keep playing the game and talk to Achilles as often as you can. Eventually, he'll reveal a secret phrase to you; this is what will unlock the first hidden Weapon Aspect, for the spear, Varatha. Once unlocked, equip the hidden Aspect and clear a full run with the spear for the quickest way to get this Trophy. You can get this Trophy with other hidden Weapon Aspects, but this will take more time.

To Charon's Credit

Silver: Earn a Loyalty Card

The Loyalty Card is a special item that gives you 20 per cent off goods from Charon's Shop. When visiting Charon's Shop, there is a rare chance you'll find a sack of coin behind him. If you approach it, you're able to steal the gold, but this will trigger a boss fight against the shopkeeper. To get the Loyalty Card and unlock this Trophy, you will first need to defeat Charon in combat. It's hard.

The Useless Trinket

Bronze: Earn the first of Skelly's prizes

You will need to have unlocked Pact of Punishment by beating the game at least once. To unlock this Trophy and earn Skelly's first prize, you will need to complete another run on Heat level 8. While preparing for your next run, turn on various conditions until the Heat level is at 8 or more, then complete the escape attempt.

Skelly's Last Lamentations

Gold: Earn the second of Skelly's prizes

As above, only you will need to complete a run at Heat level 16.

Something From Everyone

Bronze: Unlock each standard Keepsake

Hades Guide Trophies Something From Everyone PS5 PS4

Most NPCs will give you a Keepsake when you give them a bottle of Nectar for the first time. Gift Nectar to everyone at least once to get their Keepsakes and this Trophy.

Friends Forever

Silver: Max-rank each standard Keepsake

Every Keepsake has three ranks. To max out a Keepsake, you need to simply carry it with you during runs. After a certain number of enemy encounters, your Keepsake will level up. Get all Keepsakes to max rank to get this Trophy.

Rare Collectible

Bronze: Equip a Chthonic Companion

Chthonic Companions, also called Legendary Keepsakes, require you to improve your relationship with characters. After giving a character a certain number of Nectars, you will need to do them a favour of some kind. Once complete, give them a bottle of Ambrosia to then unlock their Companion. Equip it to get the Trophy.

Complete Set

Bronze: Earn all Chthonic Companions

As above, you will need to unlock every Companion in the game for this Trophy. This will require a lot of Nectar, Ambrosia, and time.

Blood Bound

Bronze: Max any Weapon Aspect

After unlocking Weapon Aspects, use any Titan Blood you have to take one of them to its max level. It doesn't matter which one, so just go with a favourite.

Infernal Arms

Silver: Unlock all Weapon Aspects

Use Titan Blood to unlock every Weapon Aspect for every weapon to get this Trophy.

Blessed by the Gods

Bronze: Choose 100 different Olympian Boon effects

This Trophy will eventually unlock after enough escape attempts. You need to pick 100 unique Boons throughout the game. As they're random, this can take some time.

Thanks, But No Thanks

Bronze: Purge a Legendary Boon

Hades Guide Trophies Thanks But No Thanks PS5 PS4

Throughout a run, you might find a Pool of Purging, which is a bowl full of red liquid decorated with skulls (lovely). Here, you can purge one of three of your Boons in exchange for some gold. Purge a Legendary Boon to get this Trophy.

Tools of the Architect

Bronze: Choose 50 different Daedalus Hammer enchantments

The Daedalus Hammer can appear as a room reward or in Charon's Shop for purchase. This item lets you upgrade or alter your weapon in numerous ways. Pick 50 unique effects from the Daedalus Hammer to nab this Trophy.

Arms Collector

Bronze: Unlock each of the Infernal Arms

To get this Trophy, you simply need to unlock all the base weapons in the game. As well as the default sword, there are five other weapons to get. They each cost a certain number of Chthonic Keys to unlock.

Grown Close

Bronze: Forge a bond with any character

Keep gifting a character Nectar to improve your affinity with them. When you're close enough with that character, you'll get this Trophy.

Well Versed

Bronze: Fully Unlock the Olympians' Codex entries

Early in the game, Achilles will give you a Codex, accessed by pressing L1. This provides you with information about characters, environments, and certain items. In the Olympian Gods section, their entries start off incomplete. To earn this Trophy, you need to fill out each god's Codex entry by accepting their Boons during runs.

Day-or-Night Trader

Bronze: Trade 20 times with the Wretched Broker

Hades Guide Trophies Day or Night Trader PS5 PS4

Early on in the game, the lounge area in the House of Hades will open up. Inside to the right is the Wretched Broker, who will make trades with you. Complete 20 trades in total to nab this Trophy.

Home Makeover

Bronze: Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor

The House Contractor resides near Lord Hades in the hub area, and you can pay them to make various renovations using Gemstones and other currencies. Whether upgrades to the Underworld or cosmetic changes to the House of Hades, buy 50 of these jobs to get the Trophy.

Had to Happen

Bronze: Fulfill any 15 Prophecies

Hades Guide Trophies Had to Happen PS5 PS4

Once you have the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor, you can peruse it in Zagreus' room. Complete 15 of the Prophecies to get this Trophy — it doesn't matter which ones.

River Denizens

Bronze: Catch a fish from each region

Hades Guide Trophies River Denizens PS5 PS4

This requires that you own the Rod of Fishing, eventually purchasable from the House Contractor. With this item, you might come across opportunities to fish during a run. Clear a room of enemies and you may hear a "ding" sound, indicating there's a fishing spot in that chamber. Approach the glowing spot in the water and you can catch a fish. Do this successfully in each region of the game to grab this Trophy.

Urge to Sing

Bronze: Compel Orpheus to sing again

Once Orpheus has returned to the House of Hades, keep talking with him and giving him Nectar. After speaking with him and Eurydice (found in Asphodel) enough, he will eventually start singing again.

Nyx's Mirror

Bronze: Have at least one rank in each Mirror of Night Talent

Hades Guide Trophies Nyx's Mirror PS5 PS4

At the Mirror of Night in Zagreus' room, you are able to level up numerous Talents. Invest Darkness into each Talent at least once to unlock this Trophy. As well as Darkness, you will also need lots of Chthonic Keys to unlock later Talents.

Night and Darkness

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Night and Darkness' Prophecy

You will need to reach high affinity with Nyx and Chaos to trigger a Favour quest. You'll also need to have reopened the administrative chamber, but won't be able to do so until later on in the game. Once these criteria are met, you'll trigger the quest to reunite the two gods. After the quest is complete, you'll complete the prophecy and pop this Trophy.

Chthonic Colleagues

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Chthonic Colleagues' Prophecy

To earn this Trophy (and complete the prophecy), you need to meet and speak to all the Chthonic Gods. These characters are listed in the Fated List in Zagreus' room (once acquired from the House Contractor), or you can check which ones you've met in the codex. There are nine of them in total, and you'll gradually find everyone over the course of multiple runs through the game.

War-God's Bloodlust

Bronze: Fulfill the 'War-God's Bloodlust' Prophecy

For this one, you need to have gifted Ares a Nectar, and have slain at least 2,000 enemies to activate the Prophecy. Then, you can fulfill the prophecy by killing 10,000 enemies in total, then find and speak to Ares.

End to Torment

Bronze: Fulfill the 'End to Torment' Prophecy

You need to gift 6 Nectars to Sisyphus. Then, keep talking to him until you're introduced to Bouldy. Next, you'll be able to buy Knave-King's Sentence from the House Contractor, fulfilling the prophecy and bagging the Trophy.

Musician and Muse

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Musician and Muse' Prophecy

First, you must have Orpheus sing 'Good Riddance', then speak to Eurydice until the prophecy unlocks. You'll then need to give Orpheus and Eurydice 5 Nectar each, then purchase the Singer's Gamble from the House Contractor.

Divided by Death

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Divided by Death' Prophecy

Give 6 Nectar to Achilles and Patroclus each. You'll then need to complete either End to Torment or Musician and Muse prophecies. Next, buy the Hero's Sacrifice from the House Contractor and complete this prophecy for the Trophy.

Dark Reflections

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy

To make this prophecy appear, you need to have escaped at least once and unlocked the alternative Mirror of Night Talents by talking with Nyx. Unlock every Talent by spending Chthonic Keys at the Mirror. Then, complete full runs with every Talent at least once.

Harsh Conditions

Silver: Fulfill the 'Harsh Conditions' Prophecy

With the Pact of Punishment unlocked by escaping at least once, you will need to then escape again while under each of the Pact's Conditions at least once to get this Trophy.

Master of Arms

Silver: Fulfill the 'Master of Arms' Prophecy

To get this Trophy, you will have to escape the Underworld using each base weapon at least once.

Slashed Benefits

Bronze: Fulfill the 'Slashed Benefits' Prophecy

First, complete a full run with at least one Heat level active. Then, activate the Benefits Package Condition. You will need to kill enemies who have each of the different Perks this Condition provides to complete the Prophecy and get the Trophy.

Back to Work

Bronze: Earn access to and enter the Administrative Chamber

Hades Guide Trophies Back to Work PS5 PS4

This is only accessible after a certain moment in the story. Eventually, you will be able to purchase Administrative Privilege from the House Contractor. This lets you back into the Administrative Chamber in the upper left of the House of Hades.

The Family Secret

Gold: Complete the main quest in the story

Reach the true ending of the game.

One for the Ages

Bronze: Reach the epilogue of the story

Reach the epilogue of the story.

Well Stocked

Bronze: Buy 9 'Well of Charon' items in one escape attempt

Hades Guide Trophies Well Stocked PS5 PS4

The Well of Charon can often be found in rooms during a run. It's a large bowl containing purple liquid. Simply purchase nine things from these little shops in one run to pop the Trophy.

Thorn of Thanatos

Bronze: Get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly

You will first need to gift Thanatos a Nectar. This unlocks his Keepsake, the Pierced Butterfly. When equipped, this item will give you +1% damage for every chamber you clear without taking damage. Getting this Trophy is easiest once Pierced Butterfly is fully ranked up, as the bonus percentage goes up, meaning you'll reach 30% faster.

Haste of Hermes

Bronze: Get 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume

Lambent Plume is the Keepsake given to you by Hermes in exchange for Nectar. When equipped, this will give you +1% dodge chance every time you clear a chamber of enemies quickly. As with Thorn of Thanatos, this Trophy becomes easier when Lambent Plume is fully ranked up.

Death Dealer

Bronze: Beat Thanatos by 15 kills or more

Eventually you will meet Thanatos, who will challenge you at random during a run to defeat more enemies than him. If you can kill 15 or more enemies than Thanatos within this challenge, you'll get the Trophy.

Friends in High Places

Bronze: Use Greater Call to invoke an Olympian's aid

Certain Boons will give you a Call, a special ability charged by dealing damage. Let the meter build all the way to the top and you can unleash a Greater Call. Do this and you'll nab this Trophy.

Bad Call

Bronze: Use an Olympian's Greater Call against them in a Trial

Trial rooms are signified by two god symbols together on a door. If you have one of those god's Call equipped, enter the room and pick the opposite god's Boon. During the subsequent enemy encounter, use the Greater Call to get this Trophy.

Skelly Slayer

Bronze: Slay Skelly 15 times

Easy one, this: kill Skelly, the skeleton in the room just before you go out on a run, 15 times in total.

Three-Headed Boy

Bronze: Pet Cerberus 10 times

Another easy one to finish off the list. In the House of Hades, Cerberus is usually found next to Hades' desk. Press L2 to pet him. Do this 10 times and you'll get the Trophy.

That's it for our Hades Trophy guide. How many Trophies have you unlocked in Hades? Discuss in the comments below, and make sure to check our Hades guide for lots more info on the game.