What are all Snapshots locations for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition in the GTA Trilogy? Snapshots are one of the collectible types in GTA San Andreas, which involve using the Camera to capture a designated spot or scene. Snapshots are represented by floating camera icons which can be seen when you equip the Camera and view the scene through its viewfinder, from a first-person perspective. As part of our GTA Trilogy guide, we're going to reveal all Snapshots locations for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

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GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: All Snapshots Locations

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: All Snapshots Locations Guide 1

On this page, we're going to reveal all Snapshots locations for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition in the GTA Trilogy. In total, there are 50 Snapshots that you'll need to complete, and you'll be rewarded with $100 for each one that you photograph. If you find and photograph all Snapshots locations, you'll earn $100,000 and four weapon spawns at the Doherty Garage: Micro Uzi, Grenades, Pump-Action Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle.

As mentioned previously, you'll need the Camera to complete these collectibles, and will need to ensure that the floating camera icons that can only be seen from a first-person perspective are fully visible within the viewfinder in order to successfully check them off. You'll find all Snapshots locations in and around the San Fierro area.

Below, you'll find all Snapshots locations:

Number Location Description
1 Red County

Middle of the bridge connecting the Panopticon and Flint County, east of Easter Bay Airport.

2 Easter Bay Airport Front entrance billboard as you head inside Easter Bay Airport.
3 Easter Bay Airport Storage cylinders near the control tower at the back of Easter Bay Airport.
4 Easter Bay Airport At the very top of the control tower in Easter Bay Airport. Stand far away and use the Camera's zoom to get the shot.
5 Foster Valley Contemporary building near the highway with two long buildings that have a glass ceiling.
6 Foster Valley Atop the cylindrical buildings, west of previous Snapshot.
7 Missionary Hill Atop the radio tower in Missionary Hill.
8 Whetstone Above the Whetstone Bridge leading out of San Fierro and into Whetstone.
9 Avispa Country Club The front of the primary building at Avispa Country Club.
10 Avispa Country Club

The north-eastern tennis court, not far from the main building in Avispa Country Club.

11 Ocean Flats South of the Wheel Arch Angels garage, atop the cathedral.
12 Hashbury Among the trees outside the building, behind the cathedral.
13 Queens In front of the Hippy Shopper store, not far from the cathedral.
14 Garcia Above the banner which reads: "Hashbury and Garcia Joint Festival".
15 Garcia In front of the left-most Final Build Construction Billboard behind the Cobra Martial Arts Gym and Burger Shot.
16 Queens

Outside the front of the theatre showing the movie The Wizard of Ass.

17 Garcia

The front of the Zero RC store, not far from the baseball park.

18 Queens The entrance to the Vank Hoff Hotel Suite, between Queens and Kings.
19 Queens Behind the Vank Hoff Hotel Suite, in the large parking lot.
20 City Hall The entrance to City Hall's main building.
21 City Hall The dome on the top of City Hall, this time behind the entrance to the main building.
22 Palisades The centre of the giant donut ring, atop the Tuff Nuts Donuts store.
23 Juniper Hill North-east of the San Fierro Medical Centre, above the Super Save! grocery store.
24 Kings Not far from the Queens Safehouse, in Kings, the tall tower atop Tram Terminal.
25 Chinatown The grey building with the Chinese-style decorations atop it.
26 Chinatown The decorative arch overlooking the road, not far from the Chinatown Safehouse.

Juniper Hollow

The front of the Burger Shot, where there is a rotating burger statue.
28 Gant Bridge The south tower of the Gant Bridge. Stand far away in order to get it all in your viewfinder.
29 San Fierro Bay On top of the freighter ship which can be seen from Gant Bridge. Use a boat to get closer.
30 Esplanade North Look for the submarine beside the pier furthest west, and photograph the top of it.
31 Esplanade North The entrance for Pier 69, where the archway and sign are.
32 Esplanade North The large rocks to the east of Pier 69. Take a photo of the largest stone.
33 Garver Bridge At the top of the Garver Bridge, on the way to Tierra Robada.
34 Esplanade East The front of the building with a clock tower, west of Garver Bridge.
35 Garver Bridge At the very start of the Garver Bridge on the San Fierro side.
36 Financial On top of the antenna, very high up, next to the Big Pointy Building.
37 Financial The tall building with criss-cross patterns on it, north of the Cluckin' Bell.
38 Calton Heights The eastern-most end of the underpass on the road heading towards Gant Bridge.
39 Calton Heights In the middle of the winding road, near to the Calton Heights Safehouse.
40 Downtown East of the winding road for the previous Snapshot, there's a statue tower. Photograph the top of it.
41 Downtown The spiral sculpture inside the Zombotech building.
42 Downtown South of the Zombotech building, there's a cluster of three tall buildings. Take a photo between the north and east buildings.
43 Kings Top of the L-shaped building, north of the construction site in Doherty.
44 Kings Directly behind the aforementioned L-shaped building, atop the building with a tower.
45 Doherty The top of the crane in the construction site.
46 Cranberry Station Beneath the glass ceiling of the railway station.
47 Doherty

Two cylindrical containers on the roof of the old white building, beneath the freeway.

48 Easter Basin Above the large storage shed, next to some storage containers.
49 Easter Basin

The rotating X sign outside the Xoomer Gas Station.

50 Easter Basin Above the giant navy ship at the Easter Basin Naval Station. Be careful of earning a 5-star Wanted level here.

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