Looking for how to start Bottom Dollar Bounties in GTA Online? Bottom Dollar Bounties is the latest expansion to Rockstar's gargantuan multiplayer sandbox game. The free add-on allows you to purchase a Bail Office, which you can then use to take down targets in collaboration with Maude Eccles and progeny, Jenette. On this page, as part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to explain how to start Bottom Dollar Bounties.

How Do You Start Bottom Dollar Bounties in GTA Online?

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In order to start Bottom Dollar Bounties, you'll need to ensure your GTA Online game is updated to the latest version. Then, once you login to Los Santos, you'll receive a phone call from Maude Eccles, telling you about a new business opportunity.

With your smartphone, load up the Internet browser and head to Maze Bank Foreclosure. From there, you'll be able to purchase a Bail Office. There are five to choose from, and if you're not sure which one to purchase, check out our Best Bail Office to Buy guide. Once you've bought a Bail Office, set a waypoint to its location using the in-game map and head inside to begin Bottom Dollar Bounties.

After a brief cutscene involving Maude and Jenette, you'll need to register as either a CEO or an MC Club President and use your office computer to login to the Bail Enforcement System. There will be four targets. The blue targets will change hourly, while the red target will be rotated every 24 hours. Select one to launch a Bounty Mission. For more information on How to Make Money with Bounties, refer to our guide.

What Are the Career Rewards for Bottom Dollar Bounties in GTA Online?

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As with all GTA Online updates, there are four tiers of rewards to unlock as part of your career progress through the Bottom Dollar Bounties expansion. Below we've listed all the rewards, as well as their completion requirements.

Tier 1: Bottom Dollar Jacket

  • Set Up a Bail Office
  • Meet with Maude Eccles
  • Secure or Eliminate a Bounty Target

Tier 2: Stun Gun Finish

  • Secure or Eliminate 5 Standard Bounty Targets
  • Secure or Eliminate 2 Most Wanted Bounty Targets
  • Earn GTA$250,000 from Securing or Eliminating Bounty Targets

Tier 3: The Bottom Dollar

  • Secure or Eliminate 10 Bounty Targets without Losing a Life
  • Secure or Eliminate a Most Wanted Bounty Target 3 Days in a Row
  • Secure or Eliminate 25 Bounty Targets

Tier 4: Canis Castigator

  • Unlock 10 Platinum Award for Bottom Dollar Bounties
  • Secure All Bounty Targets Alive
  • Earn GTA$1,000,000 in Additional Income from Your Bail Office Agents
  • Earn GTA$5,000,000 from Securing or Eliminating Bounty Targets

Can You Play Bottom Dollar Bounties in GTA Online Single Player or Co-Op?

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As is the case with all new content in GTA Online, all of the content can be played either single player or in co-op. It should be noted that, while the missions are manageable solo, the difficulty is substantially higher if you don't have allies to help you. Nevertheless, it is fully possible to play alone, and if you want to avoid griefers you can do so by enjoying all of the content in an Invite Only Session. You can find out How to Play Solo and Avoid Griefers through the link.

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