Looking for a The Runaway walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Runaway is the seventh quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Runaway walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Runaway Walkthrough

With The Reckoning now over, you're now in control of Atreus once again in Midgard. After knocking down the log at the edge of the ledge, jump to the other side. On the other side, you'll encounter your first Wight. To deal with this foe, you can't simply hit it with arrows. Instead you need to deflect its attacks when it charges you, or shield bash when it winds up to strike. Then, when it stumbles, you can hit it with melee attacks. Immediately after defeating it, the Wight will transform into three Wisps. Hit these with Sonic Arrows or Sigil Arrows to stun them, and then kill them with your melee attacks. Push another log off the edge of the ledge, and you'll fall into a new area.

There are more Wisps and Hel-Raiders hovering around down here, so be sure to take care of them promptly. Follow the path down and then shimmy across the wall at the bottom. Follow the path, dropping down the tall wall. Shortly after hopping over a wooden log, you'll end up in Sanctuary Grove. It's a familiar location, of course. Watch the cutscene unfold.

Inside the house, close the window to the left. There are various items you can investigate around the house, so take a look at those in your own time. Once you're done, pick up the book and start a fire in the fireplace. That'll warm up Chaurli and Atreus. Watch the cutscene, and you'll be transported to somewhere totally new.

You'll emerge in the Plains of Ida in Asgard. Follow the raven to Hrimthur's Wall. There are some foes you'll need to deal with on the main path before you can continue onwards, so take a moment to dispatch those. Continue forwards until you come to a stone landmark that spawns Wisps. Take care of the Wisps and destroy the aforementioned stone structure to stop them from respawning. Then crawl through the gap in the rocks and prepare yourself for a battle against some enemies. Wisps will emerge during the fight, so take care of those as well. Climb up the wall, and continue forwards, following the raven. There's a Legendary Chest to the left, which you can open by chaining together sigils next to the burning bonfire just above. You'll need to use this to progress forwards anyway. Inside the chest is a new Bow Ability named Splintered Sigil.

Continue forwards, following the raven, until a cutscene triggers and you reach a cutscene. You've decided to climb Hrimthur's Wall — good luck. As you approach, on the left, there's a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside, so be sure to open that. It's time to begin your ascent. It's pretty obvious where you need to climb as there are markings on the wall, so just enjoy the journey — and the view!

About midway through the climb you'll have to take down a Wight. Remember, you can't hit these with arrows, so deflect their attacks and strike them with melee combos. Once it's down, remember it will spawn three Wisps, so don't drop your guard. When you're finally finished, shoot the gold chain above with a Sonic Arrow, and continue climbing. Head through a gap in the wall into a cave. There are two stone totems in here you'll need to destroy, otherwise you'll be constantly ambushed by Wisps. Once you're done, take the higher cave exit.

You're almost there now, but there's still a little further to go. Climb aboard the pulley with the crates, and destroy the Soundstone directly opposite. Hookshot across to the other side, and destroy the other clasp using a Sonic Arrow. Then jump back on the first crate and cut the rope, propelling you almost to the top of the wall.

Of course, nothing's ever easy, and there are more Wisp up here, so dispose of those. Open the red chest on the ledge above for Hacksilver and Ydalir Timber. Then just keep climbing upwards, using the markers on the wall to demonstrate your path. You'll eventually reach a point where the game will take over, triggering a cutscene.

Follow your new "friend", Heimdall, and bask in the splendour of Asgard. Join Heimdall on the elevator, and have a chat with him. As you descend, you'll enter a new area named Gladsheim. Once you're down, there's a yellow chest to the left you can open for Hacksilver. Then climb aboard the animal and ride through the town. You'll be taken to The Great Lodge, but there's no chance of an audience with Odin here, as instead you'll be ambushed. Fight off the foes that approach, and then get ready to battle Heimdall himself. Irritatingly, you can't hit him, but keep trying until a cutscene triggers.

Once you retake control, follow Odin. There's a lot to absorb here, so just drink in the scenery and listen to Atreus and Odin's conversation. You'll be teleporting to a number of different locations here, so just enjoy the journey. Once you finally take back full control, look in the wardrobe to collect the Aesir Uniform, Aesir Bow, and Runic Recharge. You can spend a little time upgrading your equipment and looking around, but when you're ready, leave through the door and watch the cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, follow Thrud through The Great Lodge. You can choose to go directly to Odin here, or spend more time with Thrud. Head up the stairs if you want to chat more with Thrud. You'll meet some other Asgardians along the way. Once you're done, enter the study and watch the cutscene. You'll pick up some more Lore, a Scroll named On Gjallarhorn, automatically. Once you take back control, follow Odin. You'll enter The Rift. Watch the cutscene, and eventually you'll finish The Runaway and begin Into the Fire.

God of War Ragnarok: The Runaway Objectives

  • Find shelter
  • Investigate Freya's abandoned house
  • Light a fire for Chaurli
  • Follow Odin's raven
  • Climb the Wall
  • Follow Heimdall and meet Odin
  • Follow Odin on his work day
  • Check wardrobe before visiting Odin's study

God of War Ragnarok: The Runaway Rewards

2,250 XP

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