Looking for a The Elven Sanctum walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Elven Sanctum is a Favour, which are Ragnarok's equivalent of side-quests. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Elven Sanctum walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Elven Sanctum Walkthrough

The Elven Sanctum begins automatically, as you progress the story in The Reckoning. However, while you'll unlock the Favour in Vanaheim, you'll need to travel to Alfheim to complete this one. You'll also need to have finished Secret of the Sands, so if you haven't tackled that yet, we'd recommend you prioritise it first. Travel north-west on the Gulon Sled until you can reach a doorway that you can open with a rune. Head inside to reach an area called The Hjarta. Follow the path around to find another Mystic Gateway you can use later if you want to. Continue to follow the only path forward to The Forbidden Sands. This will begin a Favour called the Song of the Sands, which we'd recommend you complete first before continuing with The Elven Sanctum. Assuming you've cleared out the weather, head north-east to the quest marker for the The Elven Sanctum, and hookshot up to the entrance. There's an Artefact to the left of the entrance, one of the Tributes to Freyr named Bracelet. Open the door to head inside.

There are lots of pots to smash inside here, so have at it for some Hacksilver. In the next room there's Lore in the form of a Lore Marker named Rules of the Sanctum. Also on the table opposite is a Scroll named An Examination of Temporal Significance. You can also pick up a second document on the table just left of the Lore Marker to unlock a Labour named The Lost Pages. If you hookshot up to higher ground on the right you'll find a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside. On the left is a Lore Marker named The Arbiters of Knowledge. There's a red chest to the left with Hacksilver and Stonewood inside. To the right of that is an Artefact named Consul's Journal, on a pedestal. This will trigger the next phase of the Favour. Before you leave the Sanctum, though, there's a Legendary Chest with a Jewel of Yggdrasil inside. And just to the right of that is a treasure map which starts the Treasure Map named Forgotten Tower. Once you've collected everything, head out of the building the same way that you came in. You'll be interrupted by The Maven before you leave.

Boss Fight: How to Beat The Maven

This isn't an easy fight to be honest. The Maven's patterns are fairly predictable, but you may get bloodied up combating them. She'll try to keep her distance from you, so deflect when she throws her swords at you. She'll throw it twice, so prepare to parry twice to her to stumble. Sometimes she'll throw an X-shaped projectile, which you'll need to dodge roll out of the way of. When she leaps forward and slams the ground, double tap L1 to shield strike her. Play conservatively, don't get greedy, and parry when required. Towards the end of the battle she will try to heal herself, so use a shield strike to interrupt that and quickly finish the fight when the R3 prompt appears. Leave the building to conclude The Elven Sanctum. As you drop back down to the desert, a crack will appear in the wall and if you squeeze inside there's a Nornir Chest and one of Odin's Ravens inside. Open the Nornir Chest for a Horn of Blood Mead.

God of War Ragnarok: The Elven Sanctum Objectives

  • Explore the Elven sanctum in Alfheim
  • Search for clues about Elven history
  • Leave the Sanctum
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God of War Ragnarok: The Elven Sanctum Rewards

  • Kratos: 1,000 XP
  • Atreus: 250 XP

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