God of War How to Unlock the Full Ending Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

God of War technically has two endings, and you’re going to need to spend a few extra minutes with the game to unlock the full ending. We’re going to try and keep this article spoiler-free, but it goes without saying that if you don’t want to know anything about the conclusion to Kratos’ latest, do not continue reading.

You’ve been warned. Head back to our God of War guide if you don't want to be spoiled right now!

God of War: How to Unlock the Full Ending

There’s a moment in God of War where your journey will come to a conclusion and credits will appear on the screen. While this is technically the end of the campaign, there is one more ending cut-scene that you can unlock.

What you need to do is return to Kratos and Atreus’ wooden shack in Wildwoods. You can use a Mystical Gateway if you want to get there as soon as possible. Once you enter the house, walk to the back room and use the Circle button to go to sleep. This will play one final cut-scene which is well worth watching.