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How do you unlock the Monkey See Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut? The Monkey See Trophy isn't really explained in the game, and the Trophy description isn't very helpful, either. In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we'll detail the full process of unlocking it.

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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island - How to Get the Monkey See Trophy

To unlock the Monkey See Trophy, Jin has to interact with three different monkey statues on his way up to the top of Saruiwa Mountain. Then, he must complete the Monkey Sanctuary activity at the very top.

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You can complete these interactions in any order, but it's obviously easiest to do it in sequence as you climb the mountain.

You do not need to wear the Sarugami Armor to unlock this Trophy, despite the monkey references.

Anyway, these are the steps you need to take:

Travel to Saruiwa Mountain

Saruiwa Mountain can be found at the bottom left of the Iki Island map. The mountain itself is marked by a Monkey Sanctuary icon once you've been to the top.

Here's a screenshot of the location:

Ghost Saruiwa

To start climbing the mountain, look for a stairway that leads up between two large monkey statues (these are not the monkey statues that you need to interact with).

As you climb the mountain, you need to interact with three different monkey statues. All of the statues are found off the main path.

First Monkey Statue

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Instead of squeezing through the first gap, use your hook to climb the wall to the left. Follow the footholds up to a rope, that leads along to a peak with a monkey statue. This statue's covering its ears, so play your flute (the actual tune doesn't matter). A cutscene should occur, signalling that this statue has been honoured.

Second Monkey Statue

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After honouring the first monkey statue, head back down the way you came. Squeeze through the gap, and continue up the path, climbing the cliffs. As you get to the stone arch, look to the right to find footholds that take you down the side of the cliff. Careful: the first foothold will crumble, so be ready to grab onto the one beneath it.

Climb all the way down and you'll find the second statue. This monkey has its eyes covered, so throw a smoke bomb to honour it. Again, a cutscene should play.

Third Monkey Statue

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After honouring the second monkey statue, climb back up the footholds and follow the path through the stone arch. When you get to a bamboo bridge, cross it and follow the footholds and hook points all the way down. You'll soon reach a cliff that seems like a dead end. Look to the left to see a hook swing. Use it to jump into the pool of sea water below. On the little shore to the left, you'll find the third monkey statue.

This monkey is covering its mouth. Bow to honour it, and another cutscene should play.

Climb to the Top

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To finish things off, climb all the way back to the bamboo bridge and then scale the footholds just before it. Continue all the way to the top of the mountain to find a monkey sanctuary. Complete the sanctuary as normal, and you should get the Monkey See Trophy.

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