Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hard Mode Hard Difficulty

What does hard mode do in Final Fantasy VII Remake? How do you unlock the hardest difficulty in Final Fantasy VII Remake? In this Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 guide, we're going to detail the game's unlockable hard mode and the differences that it makes.

How to unlock Final Fantasy VII Remake hard mode

Final Fantasy VII Remake's hard mode is not available from the start -- you first have to unlock it by beating all of the chapters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. You do not have to complete the game on the normal difficulty to do this; easy and classic modes work as well.

When you beat the game, you unlock both hard mode and chapter select.

What is hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake and how does it work?

Think of hard mode as Final Fantasy VII Remake's new game +, or at least part of it. When you go back to any of the game's chapters using chapter select, you can choose to play in hard mode instead of normal, easy, or classic.

Here's what hard mode actually does:

  • Makes all enemies in the game more powerful -- they have more HP and do more damage
  • Bosses have new attacks and different attack patterns
  • You cannot use items in hard mode
  • Resting spots only restore your HP, not your MP, in hard mode
  • There are skill point boosting items that you can only unlock in hard mode

Note that you can only play hard mode with your completed game save data. You cannot start a new game and select hard mode. This is because the enemies are designed to be fought at higher levels right from the beginning.

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