The Spice of Life is a Side Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that takes place in the Gongaga Region. As part of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide, we're going to provide a The Spice of Life Walkthrough that covers all the stages of the Side Quest.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: The Spice of Life Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: The Spice of Life Walkthrough

The Spice of Life can be started by talking to Cissnei in Cissnei's House in Gongaga, and it comes with a Level 35 recommendation.

Look for the Produce Peddler

Cissnei is having some problems with a dish she's cooking up in the kitchen and needs some extra ingredients. She tasks you with obtaining them from a seller just outside.

Follow Melon

It turns out the villagers pay Melon, who is the seller's dog. You need to chase after it to Torgan's Farm.

Gather Ingredients

Melon will now guide you to where you can find rock salt deposits, and then riding a Chocobo on Magon Hill will help you find magonga mushrooms. Follow Melon to the rock salts, then analyse the picture Torgan gave you to pick the right one. The rock salt you need is the light pink one in the back with triangles on it. Despite the suggestion, you still need to pick up all three rock salts to complete the objective.

For the magonga mushrooms, go to Magon Hill, which is just east of Gongaga Airstrip. Call in your Chocobo and pick up the scent, then use the giant flowers to propel yourself in the direction of them. Once you find them on the ground, you'll need to complete a quick minigame to pluck them. Even if you fail to pluck them properly and get broken mushrooms, you can still complete the objective with them having collected three.

Deliver the Ingredients

Return to Cissnei at her house and hand the ingredients over to complete the Side Quest.

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