Teach Me, Great Warrior is a Side Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that takes place in the Gongaga Region. As part of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide, we're going to provide a Teach Me, Great Warrior Walkthrough that covers all the stages of the Side Quest.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Teach Me, Great Warrior Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Teach Me, Great Warrior Walkthrough

Teach Me, Great Warrior can be claimed off the Community Noticeboard in Gongaga, and it comes with a Level 34 recommendation.

The Rookie's Request

It sounds like someone wants to become a recognised fighter, so go and see the young man just past the South Gate in Gongaga.

Commence Sotetsu's Education

It turns out Sotetsu actually wants to learn from Yuffie instead of Cloud, so follow him to where he wants to train and learn.

Assist with Master Yuffie's First Lesson

Accompany Yuffie in the class and take part in the combat scenario. You need to fulfil three objectives within that single fight: help Sotestu strike the enemy three times, pressure an enemy, and don't let Sotestu fall in battle. Simply let Sotetsu attack the enemies while you hang bacl until that objective is finished, then cast Fire on an enemy to pressure it. Then you can finish the bout with him still standing.

Assist with Master Yuffie's Second Lesson

For the second lesson, you'll need to pressure enemies twice, stagger another, and keep Sotentsu alive again. Depending on how high a level you are, this might actually prove a lot more difficult than it seems. You'll be strong enough to where you're dealing enough damage for their HP to zero out before the stagger meter is filled, so you'll need to find the right balance.

Assist with Master Yuffie's Third Lesson

For the third lesson, you must stagger enemies twice, beat them all within the time limit of 2 minutes, and don't let Sotentsu fall in the battle. This is significantly easier to do than the last objective. Tifa is best for staggering enemies.

Assist with Master Yuffie's Fourth Lesson

For the fourth and final lesson, you'll need to defeat two Mastodons and just make sure Sotentsu doesn't die.

Return to Gongaga Village

Go back to Gongaga and speak to Sotentsu to complete the Side Quest.

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