Final Fantasy 16: What's the Max Level? 1
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What's the max level in Final Fantasy 16? Success in battle awards Clive with experience points, and once he's got enough of them, he'll level up, which increases his base stats, like HP and strength. But is there a cap to how powerful Clive can get? Having completed the game, we've got the answer in this Final Fantasy 16 guide.

What's the Max Level in Final Fantasy 16?

Clive's maximum level in Final Fantasy 16 is 50. Which is convenient, because the highest level enemy in the game is also level 50.

However, with The Rising Tide expansion installed, Clive's maximum level cap is increased by 10, to level 60.

How to Reach Max Level in Final Fantasy 16

If you want to make it all the way to level 50, you're going to need a lot of experience points. Doing the main quests alone won't get Clive to 50, so you'll need to either do a bunch of side quests and hunts, or simply grind your way to max level by fighting enemies over and over. Or, a bit of both.

However, grinding is slow in Final Fantasy 16, especially at higher levels. Generally speaking, completing side quests and hunts nets you way more experience points than you get from winning normal battles.

What's the Max Level in New Game + in Final Fantasy 16?

New Game +, which is unlocked after completing the game, is where things get a little more complicated.

In a standard New Game + playthrough, Clive starts out at whatever level he was when you completed the game. The level cap is still 50, or 60 if you own The Rising Tide expansion.

However, if you start New Game + and choose the freshly unlocked 'Final Fantasy' difficulty mode, the level cap is increased all the way to 100, allowing Clive to level up an additional 50 times, boosting his stats beyond their normal limits.

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