The Rising Tide is a DLC Quest for Final Fantasy 16, accessible during Back to Their Origin. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Rising Tide.

The Rising Tide: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide Walkthrough 1
The Rising Tide is a DLC pack featuring a new Quest line. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

Often is it that letters requesting aid find their way to Clive's reading desk. Rarer, though, are occasions when said letters are anonymous. Even rarer still, however, are occasions when the aid in question is to rescue an Eikon thought lost for several centuries. This so happens to be one of those rarest of occasions.

The Rising Tide: Walkthrough

The Rising Tide is a DLC pack that adds a new Quest line of the same name to Final Fantasy 16. You cannot access it immediately. In order to play The Rising Tide, you need to have reached the Main Quest named Back to Their Origin. You must also have completed the Side Quests Where There's a Will and Priceless.

Once this criteria is fulfilled, you will be able to begin the quest from Clive's Chambers at The Hideaway. Approach his desk and interact with the Reading Table — you'll see a new Missive with the title (Unmarked). Read it, and begin the quest by choosing 'Yes'. Watch the cutscene.

Afterwards, your first stop is Northreach. Fast travel there and head into the town towards the Veil. Speak to Leyla — she has an objective marker above her head.

Next, head north of the town to the marked location. Once close enough, you should see a tent — look around the area for a couple of clues. After inspecting the tent and the skiff, inspect the firepit and watch the cutscene.

Afterwards, you'll need to fast travel to a new location, The Lost Cloak. Watch the cutscene.

Travel through to Shula's village, following the marker as usual. Along the road will be small groups of enemies to fight and some items to pick up. As you approach the marker, a cutscene will begin.

With a new marker to follow, continue along the main path, fighting off enemies as you go. As you approach the main gate to the village, another cutscene begins. Afterwards, you're free to explore Haven — when you're done, head to the Witanhall. Watch the cutscene.

Your next task is to head towards the Surge. Follow the marker to the northern gate and head out. The path forward is pretty linear, but there is a little bit of room for exploration as you go.

Keep following the marker, watching out for enemy groups. Once you reach the wooden bridge, watch the cutscene. Fast travel to The Surge to continue.

After a quick cutscene, follow Shula towards the Surge. Once you're close, another cutscene begins. Afterwards, you'll need to fight off mini boss Perykos, using Clive's newfound Leviathan skills. After another cutscene, make your way back to the witanhall. Watch the next cutscene.

Next, it's time to head back out to the north towards the Aire of Hours. Follow the markers to the northwest. You'll come to a large gate — open it and continue following the path.

As you approach the temple, be aware of small enemy groups and one larger enemy along the main path. As you get close, watch the cutscene. Fast travel to The Aire of Hours.

Head up towards the temple. You'll have to fend off some enemies as you go. Hop over the stepping stones across the water and up the stairs. At the top is a mini boss to fight — Master Tonberry.

Continue forward, fending off any other enemies. As you finally reach the temple, you're in for a boss fight against Hreidmar. Watch the resulting cutscene, then continue up to the temple at last. Watch the cutscene.

Inside, head over to the right of the room and go up the dark corridor. It'll lead you to a courtyard where you'll fight some enemies. Continue up the steps and under a gap.

Follow the path up to another enemy group, and proceed through the archway. On the left, fight yet another pack of baddies. Once dealt with, head to the back right of the room and go through the gap.

Keep following the main path and you'll come to another group of tonberries, including a Master Tonberry. After that, head up the stairs and watch the cutscene. Big boss fight time! Defeat Timekeeper.

With that challenge done, watch the cutscene. Uh oh!

Fast travel to The Surge and watch the cutscene. Press forward towards the vortex, picking up any items along the way and fending off enemies. It's a pretty linear path, so just keep moving forward.

As you get to the vortex, watch the cutscene. Time for a huge Eikon clash — it's Ifrit vs. Leviathan.

Watch the cutscene, and that's The Rising Tide done.

Objective Log

  • Find Leyla in Northreach
  • Make for the coastline
  • Search the area around the tent
  • Continue the search
  • Sail to Mysidia
  • Make for Shula's village
  • Visit the witanhall
  • Make for the Surge
  • Cross the bay to Cape Nepto
  • Descend into the Surge
  • Defeat Perykos
  • Return to the witanhall
  • Make for the Aire of Hours
  • Enter the Aire of Hours
  • Proceed to the nave
  • Slay Hreidmar
  • Proceed to the nave
  • Slay the Timekeeper
  • Enter the Surge

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