Righting Wrongs is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from The Meaning of Life. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Righting Wrongs.

Righting Wrongs: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Righting Wrongs Walkthrough 1
Righting Wrongs begins after fast travelling from the previous quest, The Meaning of Life. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

Still reeling from the atrocity they witnessed at Eastpool — one ordered by none other that Clive's own mother, the Empress Anabella — Clive and Jill return to the hideaway to consult with Cid as to what might be done.

Righting Wrongs: Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16: Righting Wrongs Walkthrough 2
Image: Push Square

Righting Wrongs begins when you fast travel back to the Hideaway after the last quest. Your first port of call is Cid's private quarters — head up to the marker, open the door, and watch the cutscene. It's a long one!

Afterwards, go back down and speak to Charon at her shop. Once you're done, she'll tell you go to and speak to Otto, who's hanging out in the Fat Chocobo. After speaking to him, go back out and speak to Gav, then watch the cutscene.

Fast travel to Lostwing, then head towards Northreach via the northeastern exit. Make your way through the forest path, keeping an eye out for packs of enemies and items on the ground. You'll come out of the linear path into a wide open area; feel free to explore this before you continue to the marker.

When you're ready, approach Northreach. In the market, go right to find the Dame. As you get close to her, a cutscene will start. When it's over, walk back up to Isabelle and talk to her again. Watch the next cutscene.

Head forwards and to The Veil. On approach, watch another cutscene. Speak with Isabelle again, which will begin a sub-quest, named The Dame. You need to complete this before moving on, so click the link for details.

Isabelle will tell you Jill and Cid are waiting at a nearby abandoned chapel, which is your next stop. Follow the marker southeast of Moore, up a narrow path. When you get to the chapel, open the side gate and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, fast travel to Drake's Head to end the quest.

Note: The game will warn you at this point that you're about to head into a pivotal story moment, so if you've any unfinished business, such as outstanding Side Quests or a last-minute visit to vendors, now would be a good time to sort it out.

Objective Log

  • Visit Cid's solar
  • Speak with Charon
  • Speak with Otto
  • Speak with Gav
  • Make for Northreach
  • Search for the Dame
  • Speak with Isabelle
  • Make for the Veil
  • Speak with Isabelle
  • Investigate Tatienne's whereabouts
  • Speak with Tatienne's chambermate
  • Investigate the garrison
  • Deliver your findings to Isabelle
  • Speak with Bertrand in Moore
  • Speak with the traveling trader
  • Make for the nearby ruins
  • Slay the wolves
  • Examine the corpse
  • Gather at the abandoned chapel
  • Sneak into Oriflamme

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