Lost in a Fog is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from Sunrise, Sunset. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Lost in a Fog.

Lost in a Fog: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Lost in a Fog 1
Lost in a Fog follows on directly after completing Sunrise, Sunset. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

Bade by his father, the archduke, to address reports of the ever-spreading Blight having driven a horde of goblins into Rosarian territory, Clive journeys to the swamps of Stillwind accompanied by a pair of loyal Shields of the duchy.

Lost in a Fog: Walkthrough

Lost in a Fog begins immediately after travelling to Stillwind. After a brief cutscene, head down the path into the swamps. On your right will be 2 gil you can pick up before continuing on under the log. After another short cutscene, defeat the goblins.

Continue through a low gap in the gate. To the right is a gap you can squeeze through to find a Strength Tonic. Carry on down the path and defeat a second group of goblins. In this area, go to the left to find a Potion in the cabin.

Break the wood planks and ahead you'll see another Potion. Go left into the building, and upstairs is a Strength Tonic. Go back out and to the right, then climb the ladder and continue on. Defeat the next group of goblins. At the back of the arena, break down some wood and inside is a Potion.

Break the wood to lower the bridge and cross over. Ahead is a Potion. Continue and watch the next cutscene. Defeat the goblins.

Final Fantasy 16: Lost in a Fog 15
Image: Push Square

Next is a fight against your first mini boss, Gigas.

Gigas Spoils:

  • 1x Hard Leather Armlets
  • 54 EXP
  • 45 Ability Points
Final Fantasy 16: Lost in a Fog 16
Image: Push Square

After defeating him, head forward through a gap to find a High Potion. On the other side of the building is a Potion. Pursue the goblin until you get another cutscene.

Final Fantasy 16: Lost in a Fog 17
Image: Push Square

It's time to fight your first proper boss, Morbol.

Morbol Spoils:

  • 50 EXP
  • 70 Ability Points

Once Morbol is dead, watch the cutscene, fast travel to Phoenix Gate, and the quest is over.

Objective Log

  • Explore Stillwind
  • Defeat Gigas
  • Pursue the goblin leader
  • Defeat Morbol
  • Make for Phoenix Gate

Did you follow this walkthrough for Lost in a Fog? For more information on Final Fantasy 16, including All Quests, refer to our Final Fantasy 16 guide through the link.