Full Steam is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from A Song of Hope. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Full Steam.

Full Steam: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Full Steam Walkthrough 1
Full Steam begins after fast travelling to The Ironworks after A Song of Hope. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

The vessel complete and her mythril engines humming, Mid makes to pursue the Einherjar that they might rescue Jill from the King of Waloed's clutches. However, before Clive and the others can board, the Ironworks's hidden cove is overtaken by a company of Akashic knights bent on violence.

Full Steam: Walkthrough

Full Steam begins immediately after you fast travel to The Ironworks at the end of the last quest.

Final Fantasy 16: Full Steam Walkthrough 1
Image: Push Square

Following a cutscene, you'll be put in a fight against waves of Akashic enemies.

Akashic Spoils:

  • 100x Steelsilk
  • 1,000 EXP
  • 100 Ability Points
  • 1,500 gil
Final Fantasy 16: Full Steam Walkthrough 2
Image: Push Square

After another cutscene, you'll be faced with a group of Sleipnir clones.

Sleipnir Spoils:

Final Fantasy 16: Full Steam Walkthrough 3
Image: Push Square

Watch the next cutscene, then fast travel to The Naldia Narrow to end the quest.

Objective Log

  • Defeat the Akashic
  • Buy Mid some time
  • Sail to the Naldia Narrow

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