Echoes of the Fallen is a DLC Quest for Final Fantasy 16, accessible during Back to Their Origin. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Echoes of the Fallen.

Echoes of the Fallen: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Echoes of the Fallen Walkthrough 1
Echoes of the Fallen is a DLC pack featuring a new Quest line. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

Charon reveals that a new kind of crystal has lately appeared on the black market — strange, spiritless shards known as "dusk crystals", which she wagers were mined from a heretofore undiscovered Mothercrystal. Clive sets out to investigate.

Echoes of the Fallen: Walkthrough

Echoes of the Fallen is a DLC pack that adds a new Quest line of the same name to Final Fantasy 16. You cannot access it immediately. In order to play Echoes of the Fallen, you need to have reached the Main Quest named Back to Their Origin. You must also have completed the Side Quests Where There's a Will and Priceless.

Once this criteria is fulfilled, you will be able to begin the Quest by speaking to Charon at The Hideaway. She will have a purple icon above her head. After talking to her, watch the cutscene.

Your first stop is to speak to Joshua. This leads into another cutscene. Once done, fast travel to Port Isolde. Watch the next cutscene.

Speak to the soldier who was chasing the mysterious trio. You'll see a prompt about reaching a pivotal moment; select 'Yes' to continue with Echoes of the Fallen.

After the chat, follow the road north to the marker at Bewit Bridge. As you get close, a new cutscene starts. Next, head west to Auldhyl Docks. When you get there, search the north of the settlement for the traders, watching out for enemies. A cutscene will begin.

You'll need to fight off the bandits, then follow the slippery traders. Continue north towards the marker. Clive will spot some dusk crystals on the ground; continue to the new marker. Search around the swamps for the traders; you'll see them in the northernmost spot. Approach and watch the cutscene.

You'll face off against an Akashic Bighorn, as well as a few other minor Akashic enemies. After the fight, watch the next cutscene, then follow the marker towards the Sagespire. You can optionally fast travel to Eastpool to speed things up. Go through The Dim towards the tower, then watch another cutscene.

Defeat the group of goblins — bear in mind you won't have access to magic in this area. Next, follow Joshua, who's found the entrance to the spire. Fast travel to The Sagespire on the map to continue.

Inside, head up the slope ahead of you. You'll come up against some enemies — defeat them, then approach the blue light on the round door. Open it and continue along the path. Some more enemies await. Continue climbing. Before you enter the large doorway, note the treasure chest on the left. Inside is the Escapement Bit — necessary for the Trophy Bit Fit.

Upon entering the chamber, a prompt will introduce you to Hearthflame, a new mechanic that shields enemies from harm. You can dispel Hearthflame by firing magic at it. Defeat the group of goblins, then be prepared for a second wave of enemies. After these are dealt with, open the next glowing door to continue.

Continue through the main path. You'll come to an opening you need to duck under. Watch the cutscene. Time for a boss fight! Defeat Sigma.

With the boss taken care of, watch the cutscene, then continue up the path and ascend the stairs. At the top, you can go left or right — both ways lead to the same area. You'll come to a platform that'll ascend to a new level.

Go forward and then to the glowing door on the left. Inside, head left down the pathway. Straight ahead is a treasure chest, containing Fallen Belt.

On the right is another door to open. Watch the cutscene, then defeat the enemy group. Continue through the next door.

You'll come to a room with a glowing button ahead. Push it to hear some lore about the tower, then continue through the door on the left. Inside is another combat challenge. Afterwards, proceed through the next door for another battle.

With the enemies down, ensure you open the treasure chest to the right — this contains the Nourishment Bit, needed for the Trophy Bit Fit. Go up to the door and proceed through.

Inside is a mini boss battle, this time against Omicron. Defeat them — you'll automatically receive Bombardment Bit, required for the Trophy Bit Fit. Once done, head through the next glowy door, then take the next platform up to the next level. Watch the brief cutscene. Continue forward and then left to find a pack of enemies to fight.

Once dealt with, look out for a treasure chest out on a balcony. Inside are Fallen Bracelets. Continue down the path and interact with the pillar to lower it. On the other side, head left and you'll be up against some more baddies. After the fight, head to the next door, but make sure to open the treasure chest on its right. This contains Disengagement Bit — needed for the Trophy Bit Fit.

Open the door and watch the cutscene. You're up against the next boss, Angra Mainyu. After beating the boss, watch the brief cutscene, then head through the next door. Ascend to the next level on the elevator ahead.

Continue forward then left and through another door. Inside are some goblins to defeat. Next, head left up the stairs. At the top, make sure to grab the treasure chest to the left of the door — it contains Assailment Bit, necessary for the Trophy Bit Fit.

Go through the door and fight another enemy group. Continue through to the next area. Ahead is an arena where you'll fight another mini boss, Asterios. Upon defeat, you'll receive Revivement Bit, needed for the Trophy Bit Fit.

Proceed through the next door and continue along the path. On the right will be another lore dump, if you want. Press on to find a batch of enemies to fight. Afterwards, head through the narrow gap between the red vines. Ahead you'll find a treasure chest to the left, containing a Goblin Coin and The Worm Mounts Orchestrion Roll.

Ahead is a small gap to duck under, and you'll find yourself in an arena — Omicron is back with a bit of backup this time. After defeating them, head through the opening. Ahead is another elevator, so take it up.

At the top, approach the crystal heart ahead. As you reach it, a cutscene begins. Time to fight the big boss, Omega. Once he's down, watch the cutscene. Fast travel back to the Hideaway. Speak to Charon for one more cutscene and the end of the quest.

Objective Log

  • Speak with Joshua
  • Make for Port Isolde
  • Speak with the sellsword
  • Make for Bewit Bridge
  • Hurry to the Auldhyl Docks
  • Search for the traders
  • Slay the bandits
  • Track the traders
  • Find the traders
  • Slay the Akashic
  • Make for the Sagespire
  • Slay the beastmen
  • Go to Joshua
  • Enter the Sagespire
  • Climb the spire
  • Defeat Sigma
  • Climb the spire
  • Slay Angra Mainyu
  • Climb the spire
  • Defeat Omega
  • Speak with Charon in the hideaway

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