Final Fantasy 16 Difficulty: Difficulty Settings and How to Change Them 1
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Looking for info on difficulty settings and how to change them in Final Fantasy 16? In this hopefully helpful Final Fantasy 16 guide, we'll explain how difficulty works, and how it can be altered to suit your needs.

Final Fantasy 16 Difficulty: Difficulty Settings and How to Change Them

Final Fantasy 16 doesn't do you typical difficulty settings. The game has just one base difficulty (on your first playthrough), but it can be made easier through the use of 'Timely' accessories. Up to three of these accessories can be equipped on Clive at any point, in the interest of making battles much easier.

Timely Accessories

The Timely accessories are as follows:

  • Ring of Timely Healing - Clive automatically uses a potion when his HP drops below a certain threshold
  • Ring of Timely Strikes - Allows you to perform more complex combos by pushing the square button multiple times
  • Ring of Timely Evasion - Makes it so Clive automatically evades attacks that can be evaded
  • Ring of Timely Focus - Makes evading attacks much easier by slowing time just as Clive is about to get hit
  • Ring of Timely Assistance - Makes Torgal's commands automatic, so Clive's loyal hound will act on its own to help with combos or healing (these effects are included in the Ring of Timely Strikes)

By selecting 'Story Focused' when choosing to start a new game, Clive will begin his adventure with three of these accessories equipped.

Hard Mode

Final Fantasy 16 does not have a traditional hard mode. Instead, it has something called Final Fantasy Mode, which is only playable after completing the game and selecting New Game +. You can find much more information on these modes in our New Game + guide.

Did you find this guide on Final Fantasy 16 difficulty settings helpful? Start your adventure right, and be sure to check out our Final Fantasy 16 guide for much more information on the game.