Buried Memories is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from Holding On. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Buried Memories.

Buried Memories: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Buried Memories Walkthrough 1
Buried Memories begins straight after completing the previous quest, Holding On. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

The ruins of Phoenix Gate are still and silent, much as they were on the day after the disaster thirteen years before. Yet amidst the shattered stonework and blackened beams that Clive recognises only too well, he catches sight of something entirely unexpected — the hooded man he has long been chasing. Desperate to uncover the truth, Clive and Jill pursue the figure into the catacombs.

Buried Memories: Walkthrough

Buried Memories starts when you fast travel to Phoenix Gate Ruins. Head forwards to see the crater left behind from the disaster. Go right and you'll get a cutscene.

Final Fantasy 16: Buried Memories Walkthrough 2
Image: Push Square

Afterwards, follow the hooded figure through the doorway. Another cutscene awaits at the bottom of the steps.

You'll now be inside the Apodytery, still in search of the hooded man. Go through the next door and continue forward for another cutscene. Defeat the Fallen enemies who spring to life. At the bottom of the elevator are more mysterious enemies to deal with.

Approach the next door and open it. Continue pressing forwards and defeating enemies along the way. You'll soon be up against a Fallen Guardian, which is tougher than the other baddies. In this arena is a chest containing the Accessory, The Favour of Wind (Gouge).

Continue through more doors and defeat yet more enemies. Eventually you'll end up on another elevator. Ride it up and continue — the gauntlet isn't done yet. Another chest contains the Accessory, The Will of Wind (Rook's Gambit).

Final Fantasy 16: Buried Memories Walkthrough 9
Image: Push Square

Finally, a cutscene will play out. You'll be faced with a boss battle against Iron Giant.

Iron Giant Spoils:

Once the boss is down, watch the cutscene. Afterwards, head forward and left for a chest containing the Accessory, The Favour of Wind (Wicked Wheel). Head down to the lower platform ahead and watch the cutscene.

After fighting the Lich, you'll have a choice of two doors, to the left and to the right. Both contain some enemies to beat, and then a button to push. Complete both sides, then return to the central platform, where a new button has appeared. Activate it and watch the cutscene.

Cross the bridge and open the door on the other side. Continue forward and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, you'll be in an intense boss battle.

Shadow Spoils:

Once the fight is over, watch the ensuing cutscenes and the quest is done.

Objective Log

  • Explore the ruins of Phoenix Gate
  • Follow the hooded man deeper into the ruins
  • Explore the Apodytery
  • Discover the truth

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