Black or White is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, which is required in order to complete Black Light Burns. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Black or White.

Black or White: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Black or White Walkthrough 1
Black or White begins during Black Light Burns, and is compulsory. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

The Black Shields' main host is on the march and Sir Wade's Guardians of the Flame plan to make a final stand... with or without Clive and Jill's help.

Black or White: Walkthrough

Black or White begins after speaking to Wade during Black Light Burns. He'll tell you of his plan to attack the Black Shields at Bewit Bridge, and enlist the help of Clive and Jill.

Head towards the marker at Bewit Bridge. As you get close, simply proceed forward to watch a cutscene and engage the Black Shields in battle.

Final Fantasy 16: Black or White Walkthrough 5
Image: Push Square

After fending off two waves of baddies, a brief cutscene introduces Knight of the Lasting Dark.

Knight of the Lasting Dark Spoils:

With the fight over, watch another short cutscene to end the quest.

Objective Log

  • Make for Bewit Bridge
  • Defeat the Black Shields

Black or White: Rewards

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