Black Light Burns is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from Bloodlines. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Black Light Burns.

Black Light Burns: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Black Light Burns Walkthrough 1
Black Light Burns begins right after finishing Bloodlines. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

The taint of Empress Anabella's cruelty spreads without cease across the land Clive and Jill once called home, but there are those who would stand against the dark tide. Those such as the Guardians of the Flame.

Black Light Burns: Walkthrough

Black Light Burns begins immediately after the previous quest concludes. You need to get into the Lazarus District, which looks deserted.

Head over to the marker and open the gate. Continue down the main road and you'll hit a cutscene. When it's done, you'll be in a fight against a batch of bandits.

Bandits Spoils:

  • 20x Steelsilk
  • 1x Gil Bug
  • 60 EXP
  • 24 Ability Points
  • 350 gil
Final Fantasy 16: Black Light Burns Walkthrough 4
Image: Push Square

Once dealt with, watch another cutscene, in which we meet the Guardians of the Flame. Next, speak to Wade, which will trigger a new quest named Black or White. You'll need to complete this next, so click the link for more info.

Final Fantasy 16: Black Light Burns Walkthrough 5
Image: Push Square

After that's done, a long cutscene will play out, and all that's left to do is fast travel back to the Hideaway.

Objective Log

  • Find an entrance to the Lazarus District
  • Enter the Lazarus District
  • Defeat the bandits
  • Speak with Wade
  • Confront the Black Shields' main host
  • Make for Bewit Bridge
  • Defeat the Black Shields
  • Return to the hideaway

Did you follow this walkthrough for Black Light Burns? For more information on Final Fantasy 16, including All Quests, refer to our Final Fantasy 16 guide through the link.