Final Fantasy 16: Are There Party Members? 1
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Are there party members in Final Fantasy 16? Do you only play as Clive? The answers to these questions are a little bit more nuanced than you might think, so let's get into the details in this Final Fantasy 16 guide.

Are There Party Members in Final Fantasy 16?

The short answer is yes, Clive is joined by numerous party members throughout his adventure. In fact, he's with party members more often than not during the main story.

However, these party members are not playable. They're controlled by the game's AI, and you don't have any say on how they operate during combat. The only party member that you have any control over is Torgal, Clive's loyal hound. You can give Torgal set commands in battle, in order to help with combos or heal Clive's minor wounds.

Can Party Members Die in Combat?

No, your party members can't be killed or knocked out in battle. They can be hit by enemies and they can be thrown to the floor, but they'll never stop fighting until Clive is beaten. As such, the only way to get a Game Over is for Clive's HP to reach 0.

Are Party Members Useful in Combat?

Since they can't die, you'd be forgiven for thinking that party members must be super useful to have around in battle — but that isn't really the case. Party members do not attract the attention of boss enemies — bosses will always target Clive, no matter what — and they deal little damage to anything that isn't a basic monster or human opponent. This means that you can't just have your party members fight key battles for you.

The bottom line here is that Final Fantasy 16 is a character-based action RPG — and Clive's the only character.

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