Looking for when to buy and sell Players in FUT in FIFA 23? If you're looking for ways of How to Make Coins in FUT, then you're going to need to know when to buy and sell Players in FUT. Obviously, a lot can come down to chance in FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT 23, but there are some best practices to follow in order to use the Transfer Market to make maximum profit.

FIFA 23: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT

FIFA 23: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT 1
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There's no escaping the fact that a chunk of your success on the Transfer Market in FIFA 23 will come down to chance. The reality is that you'll have very little control over the Players that you pull from packs, and you simply can't influence the kind of prices you'll get when you choose to flip them. There are some general practices you can follow to help you make as many Coins as possible, though, so as part of our FIFA 23 guide we're going to share when to buy and sell players in FUT.

When to Buy Players in FUT

FIFA 23: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT 2
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As a general rule, the best time to buy Players in FUT is late on Sunday evenings and early on Monday mornings. This is because it follows the weekend's FUT Champions competition, so a lot of players sell off their squad to earn back Coins. It also coincides with Squad Battles rewards being made available on Sunday morning, resulting in the Transfer Market being flooded with Players, thus driving the prices down.

You're best browsing the Transfer Market late at night, depending on your timezone, where there will be less people playing and fewer bidding rivals for sought-after cards. This can help you to snipe some big names, which you can then either sell for a profit later in the week or integrate into your starting lineup.

Preview Packs do tend to be affecting price trends more than in past years, with Gold Cards ebbing and flowing on what feels like a daily basis. Prices are still generally at their lowest overnight, which is typically the best time to buy Players in FUT. Generally, you're looking at between 3AM and 8AM UK time. You should use third-party tracking websites like FUTBin to get the best possible value, as this allows you to view the price trends of players and will help you to pounce at the right moment.

Keep in mind that the release of Squad Building Challenges, or SBCs, can massively affect the Transfer Market, so keep a close eye on the requirements for the latest Live team-building challenges. This is because if you're planning to purchase a promo player, like a Team of the Week, for example, the price may be pushed up by an SBC that requires a TOTW player to be fulfilled. On the flipside, rewards for SBCs can drive the overall Transfer Market down, depending on how good they are. You can find out more information on How to Complete SBCs and Master Chemistry in FUT through the link.

The best thing to do is track the Players you want to get a general feel for how much they sell for and pay attention to how that number fluctuates. You don't need to make a profit on every Player you purchase, especially if you plan to use them in your team, but it goes without saying that you're always going to want to spend as little as possible.

When to Sell Players in FUT

FIFA 23: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT 3
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The best time to sell Players in FUT is on Thursday evening through Friday morning, although do be aware that the rewards for Division Rivals are made available on Thursday mornings, which can affect prices on the Transfer Market. Nevertheless, many fans will be looking to improve their team before the weekend's FUT Champions competition, thus driving prices up. You should also pay attention to the latest Squad Building Challenges, or SBCs, that EA Sports is making available, as certain promotions and Players will command a premium if they're required to complete certain sets. Sometimes it pays to hold on to certain Players until the right moment, especially if you're looking to make a profit.

Another thing to consider is the real-world performance of Players, as scoring a hat-trick during the Premier League on a Sunday afternoon can bump prices as well, especially if they're a Ones to Watch card likely to get an in-form through the weekly TOTW promotion. Keep an eye on third-party websites like FUTBin which track the value of Players over time, and never sell any card for below its value.

Preview Packs seem to have the market ebbing-and-flowing daily, especially for Gold Cards, but prices are still generally at their highest during peak hours, depending on your timezone. This means the best time to sell Players in FUT is between 8AM and 9AM UK time as well as 7PM and 10PM UK time.

Do you have any other suggestions for when to buy and sell players in FUT in FIFA 23? Master the Transfer Market and check out our FIFA 23 guide, then let us know in the comments section below.