What are the best Skill Moves to learn in FIFA 22? While this year's game is more about moving the ball effectively than dribbling your opponents to death, you're still going to want to know the best Skill Moves to learn in order to beat defenders and make space for yourself. As part of our FIFA 22 guide, we're going to introduce the best Skill Moves to learn.

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FIFA 22: Best Skill Moves to Learn

FIFA 22: Best Skill Moves to Learn Guide 1

FIFA 22 introduces a handful of new skill moves to learn. For the purposes of this page, we're focusing on a combination of both new and old techniques to create a list of the best Skill Moves to learn. If you're planning to play a lot of Division Rivals and FUT Champions then you'll need these in your arsenal, but also consider that these manoeuvres can do damage against the CPU as well.

All of the controls listed below assume you are attacking from left to right with your Player facing the opponent's goal. You will need to alter your inputs to reflect the direction you are facing, otherwise these Skill Moves won't work. You'll also need to ensure the player you're using has the Required Skill Rating.

Skill Move Required Skill Rating Controls Notes
Fake Shot N/A Circle then X Technically not a Skill Move but still one of the most useful techniques in the FIFA 22 toolbox, the Fake Shot will allow you to get around defenders and goalkeepers by sending them the wrong way, especially if you dribble out of the move by pushing in the direction you subsequently want to go.
Knock On N/A R2 + Right stick to the desired dribble direction Running with the ball at your feet is slower than running without, so defenders can easily catch up when you're in possession of the ball. Use the Knock On to push the ball into space and chase it down. You can knock it even further by pushing the right stick in the desired dribble direction twice.
Stepover ★★ Right stick to the right and then rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise to top or bottom Stepovers can be a great method for psyching out defenders and getting them to bite on a particular movement, allowing you to dribble around them once they commit to gain space.
Ball Roll ★★ Hold right stick either up or down If you're up against defenders who are constantly trying to close you down and block off passing lanes, Ball Rolls can be used to retain close control of the ball and change the angle, allowing you to find teammates more easily.
Drag Back ★★ L2 + R2 + Left stick flick to the left If all you ever do is run directly at your opponents, you're going to become extremely predictable to defend against in FIFA 22. Try to change the pace by stopping with L2 + R2 and then when your opponents come out to meet you, Drag Back and beat them.
Heel Flick ★★★ Right stick flick to the right then flick to the left Similar to Stepovers, the Heel Flick can help you to psyche out defenders and blow past them by forcing them to commit and subsequently buying you space.
Four Touch Turn


Hold L2 + Right stick flick left twice Despite being a little slow to execute, the Four Touch Turn can help you to change angles and find space, particularly in busy areas such as inside the penalty area. You can cancel this with L2 + R2, allowing you to bamboozle opponents and tempt them to commit.
Skilled Bridge ★★★★ Hold L2 + R1 twice Much like the Fake Shot, the Skilled Bridge is a fancy way of buying space and creating angles. It's particularly effective when you're coming in from the left, as you'll shield the ball and draw fouls. In the box, this can lead to penalties, especially against aggressive goalkeepers.
La Croqueta ★★★★ Hold L1 + Right stick flick up or down The La Croqueta is a superb Skill Move for beating defenders and opening up angles, especially prior to shots. The animation will effectively take you around defenders, giving you all kinds of space on attack.
First Time Spin ★★★★★ L1 + R1 The First Time Spin is a really simple Skill Move that's going to encourage your opponent to bite or potentially even commit to a tackle and earn you some space. You need to execute this when your player receives the ball.

What do you think are the best Skill Moves to learn in FIFA 22? Step over the comments section below, and be sure to refer to our FIFA 22 guide for more help with this year's soccer sim.