What are all rooster locations in Far Cry 6? Roosters are one of a few different types of collectibles in Far Cry 6, but they have a second use beyond simply finding them. They can be used to compete in cockfighting matches at Montero Farm once you've progressed the story enough. In this Far Cry 6 guide, we're going to reveal all rooster locations. Collecting them all will unlock the Recrooster Trophy.

Far Cry 6: All Rooster Locations

Listed below are the locations of all 13 roosters. We have divided the guide up into the four main regions to make the roosters as easy to track as possible, including images to help you find them as well as accurate descriptions of their locations. You do not need to buy the six roosters from Ubisoft Connect to unlock the Recrooster Trophy.

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All Rooster Locations in Madrugada

Four roosters can be found in Madrugada: El Águila, El Rato, El Dorado, and Acero.

El Águila

You can find El Águila towards the top of a small mountain range in the Madrugada region, with the path to the summit easily accessible from the north. Climb to the top, past the two zip lines on your right and up to the open area with more roosters roaming about. El Águila can be collected by interacting with the large brown box at the cliff edge.

El Rato

El Rato is likely to be one of the very first Roosters you find without following this guide since it's located in Montero Farm right next to the cockfighting ring. If not, however, the settlement you're looking for is just south of Bañera Pond and the arena is surrounded by multi-coloured flags. El Rato is inside a wooden box next to some cages.

El Dorado

El Dorado can only be collected during or after the Spur of the Moment Yaran Story. The rooster will be in the underground bunker once you reach the location that's part of the quest. The Yaran Story can be started by talking to the NPC situated at the cockfighting ring in Montero Farm.


In the town of Verdera in the Madrugada region. Head to the eastern side of town and you'll spot the wooden box in front of a shed.

All Rooster Locations in Valle De Oro

Four roosters can be found in Valle De Oro: Papacito, El Pico, La Muerte Negra, and El Fénix.


You'll find Papacito to the north of the Balacera area at the Castillo National Zoo. Once you're in enemy territory, Papacito is in the northeast corner of the zoo next to a gathering of roosters. Interact with the brown box on top of the cage and Papacito will be yours.

El Pico

Directly south of the Botanical Gardens of Yara and west of the Cielo Gardens sign on the map is a house just off the main road. Round the back of the blue house is El Pico in the usual wooden box.

La Muerte Negra

In the town of Segunda within the Cruz Del Salvador area. On the far west side of the town is a farm with La Muerte Negra located there in a large box.

El Fénix

In the Barrial area of Valle De Oro, you'll want to head to the settlement west of Muerte Point. The wooden box will be stacked on top of some other boxes besides bags.

All Rooster Locations in El Este

Four roosters can be found in El Este: Hermoso, La Bala De Plata, El Huevo, and El Gallo Magnifico.


In roughly the middle of the Sierra Perdida area are the Savannah Fields, with the Bonilla Farm on its western border. Inside the hut labelled "1" is Hermoso in the wooden box.

La Bala De Plata

In the south of the Sierra Perdida area is the Vacía Coast. Just slightly northwest of it is the Álvarez Farm, with La Bala De Plata found on the back of a cart.

El Huevo

In the La Joya area of El Este, head to the settlement just northwest of the Madona River marker on the map. You can enter through the roof of the building there and the wooden box will be directly below you.

El Gallo Magnifico

You'll automatically collect El Gallo Magnifico as part of the Everything to Lose Yaran Story.

All Rooster Locations in Esperanza

One rooster can be found in Esperanza: La Bestia Blanca.

La Bestia Blanca

In the West Lado area of Esperanza, head to the western point at Roja Bay. This house is part of The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt, so you'll likely pick up La Bestia Blanca through that mission.

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