What are all Bobbleheads locations in Fallout 4? Bethesda may have built a sub-business out of various Fallout branded merchandise, but the vault boy bobbleheads are still very much a key component in Fallout 4. There are 20 of these to find in the developer's critically acclaimed PS4 role-playing release, and while they're cuter than the collectibles that you'll find in other open world games, they also serve a purpose by boosting your statistics.

The question is: where will you find the colourful toys in the Commonwealth? In this Fallout 4 guide, we're going to reveal all Bobbleheads locations. Finding 10 Bobbleheads unlocks the They're Not Dolls Trophy and finding 20 Bobbleheads unlocks the They're Action Figures Trophy.

Agility Bobblehead

Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

You'll need to fight your way to the top of the ship to nab this one, working your way past various raiders and various Mirelurks. Once you're at the very highest point, you'll find the poor bobblehead sitting on the bow of the ship, looking ponderously out to sea.

Barter Bobblehead

Location: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

Are you the master of unlocking? Then you should get this no problem by making your way to the upper-level of the Cannery. If you don't have good enough lock picking stats, then you can pinch the key from the kindly fellow at the front desk. Once you're inside, follow the path around, and you'll find the bobblehead sitting on a desk.

Big Guns Bobblehead

Location: Vault 95

Who doesn't like big guns? You'll find this bobblehead perched atop a radio in the northern-most room of the living quarters, but you'll need to battle your way through some burly baddies to get through it. Bring your best weapons and a stern resolve – and make sure that you keep a close eye out for traps.

Charisma Bobblehead

Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum

Ah, the first bugged bobblehead that you're going to have to bang your head against. You'll find this inside Parsons State Insane Asylum, but in its launch state, the game's being a bit finicky about letting people in. Ensure that you are at least Level 10 and kill all of the guards outside the asylum. Speak Edward Deegan in any one of the following locations: Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City, The Third Rail in Goodneighbor, or the Market in Bunker Hill. Then complete the Special Delivery and Emogene Takes a Lover quests. All good? You'll unlock the Secret of Cabot House quest, which will take you inside the asylum. Follow the quest, and you'll happen upon the bobblehead sitting on a desk. If you can't find Edward Deegan, though, you may have to wait for a patch.

Endurance Bobblehead

Location: Poseidon Energy

This is way, way easier if you're a Lizard Squad level hacker, as you can hack the rooftop entrance of the central metal hut here, fight a few guards, and find the bobblehead on a table next to a computer terminal. If your hacking skills ain't so good, you'll need to dive into the river to the east of the shack and make your way in via the sewers. Beware: there be Mirelurks down here.

Energy Weapons Bobblehead

Location: Fort Hagen

This one's easy to track down, and you'll likely happen upon it as part of the main quest line. Head to the Command Centre kitchen area in the southwest of Fort Hagen. You'll find the bobblehead lodged between two fridges. What a cool guy, huh?

Explosives Bobblehead

Location: Saugus Ironworks

Go to Saugus Ironworks and strut the catwalks like Cara Delevingne until you reach a Power Armour stand. Opposite it is a door to the furnace area filled with various thugs. Watch out for the guy with the flaming sword and dismiss them. Then climb the upper-catwalk and you'll find the bobblehead on a metal box.

Intelligence Bobblehead

Location: Boston Public Library

This is located on top of a bunch of computer terminals in a backroom towards the northwest of the Boston Public Library. Bet you think you're smart for finding this bobblehead, huh?

Lock Picking Bobblehead

Location: Pickman Gallery

You'll find this on the floor between two pillars in the basement where you meet Pickman himself. Is this getting a bit too easy?

Luck Bobblehead

Location: Spectacle Island

Stock up on Rad-X and Radaway and prepare to brave the irradiated waves of Boston – you're swimming to Spectacle Island. Once you're there, you'll find the bobblehead towards the south of the island in the lockers on the upper-part of the beached ship.

Medicine Bobblehead

Location: Vault 81

The hardest part about this bobblehead is getting into Vault 81 itself. First you'll need to barter your way in, then you'll need to serve up three fusion cores to the demanding dude inside. Then, let the doctor take a sample from you. Return a few days later to pick up a new quest which will enable you to access the secret vault area. You'll find the bobblehead on Curie's desk.

Melee Bobblehead

Location: Trinity Tower

Fight your way to the top of Trinity Tower like a total tough guy, then find the bobblehead on the desk inside the cage that Strong and Rex are trapped in.

Perception Bobblehead

Location: Concord: Museum of Freedom

Another one that you should run into during the main quest line. After you meet Preston Garvey, you'll need to take out some raiders. Preston will then invite you into his makeshift saferoom, and you'll find the bobblehead, plain as day, sitting on a table in here.

Repair Bobblehead

Location: Corvega Assembly Plant

This bobblehead is found on the catwalk to the southwest of the plant itself. You should find it towards the end of the gantry, among a bunch of clutter.

Science Bobblehead

Location: Malden Middle School (Vault 75)

Back to school for you, as Malden Middle School hosts the entrance to Vault 75. Once you're inside, dispatch the raiders until you reach a retro diner. Kill the leader in the upper-floor and snag his access card. Now use this to enter the locked door that you passed on the way in and look for a room overlooking the diner. Like so many others, the bobbleheads on the desk.

Small Guns Bobblehead

Location: Gunners Plaza

What an appropriate place for the Small Guns bobblehead! Enter the plaza from the roof and clear out the raiders in the basement. Kill the leader on the second floor then swipe his key. Head up the elevator into the main building and unlock the double doors with the key you just nicked. Kill the raiders waiting inside and nab the bobblehead off the fancy desk.

Sneak Bobblehead

Location: Dunwich Borers

You may want to wait until you've levelled up a bit before you snatch this one, because the mines are packed with tough enemies. Assuming you feel that you're up for the challenge, follow the trail around until you see a metal post with the number '4' etched on it. The bobblehead's around here on… You guessed it – a desk!

Speech Bobblehead

Location: Park Street Station (Vault 114)

Spoilers! During the main story quest, where you have to rescue Nick Valentine, check behind his desk. He's harbouring a valuable bobblehead that's got your name on it.

Strength Bobblehead

Location: Mass Fusion Building

Make sure you've got a head for heights before hunting for this one. You'll find it towards the top of the Mass Fusion Building, overlooking the lobby room. Expect some resistance from raiders guarding the stairs before you grab this one. The bobblehead is behind a bench in the room with a large desk, sitting atop the metal structure.

Unarmed Bobblehead

Location: Atom Cats

Last but not least – and the easiest of the lot. Enter the Atom Cats compound and scout out the warehouse towards the rear of the lot. You'll find the bobblehead nestled atop the bonnet of a rusty car doing its very best Churchill Dog impression.

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