What carries over into New Game+ in Elden Ring? How do you start New Game+ in Elden Ring? Repeat playthroughs is a large part of the FromSoftware experience, and the developer's latest game actually expands on the feature to let you dive into a new game with all your belongings intact whenever you like. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to reveal what carries over in New Game+ and how to start it.

Elden Ring: How to Start New Game+

Elden Ring New Game+: What Carries Over and How to Start New Game+ Guide 1

In Elden Ring, a single playthrough is referred to as a Journey. Upon beating the final boss and rolling the credits, you're asked if you'd like to immediately jump straight into New Game+. The feature is called Journey 2 in-game. If you agree to do so, New Game+ will begin. However, if you choose not to, then your character will be placed back in Roundtable Hold and free to continue exploring the open world.

If you later choose to start New Game+, rest at the Table of Lost Grace in Roundtable Hold. Button down to Begin Journey 2 in the menu and your second playthrough will begin.

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Elden Ring New Game+: What Carries Over and How to Start New Game+ Guide 3

Until you decide to do so, much of the game will still be open to you. Optional boss fights can still be tracked down, you could complete any quests that are still active, or there's the alternative of upgrading your gear so you're ready for New Game+. The only things you can't do are try for a different ending or tackle the final boss fights again.

The Journey 2 option never disappears, so feel free to explore and level up until you want to beat the game once more.

Elden Ring: What Carries Over into New Game+

Elden Ring New Game+: What Carries Over and How to Start New Game+ Guide 2

When you do decide to begin Journey 2, you'll likely be wondering what does carry over into the second playthrough and what doesn't. Here's everything that carries over into Journey 2:

You must re-earn Great Runes, story-specific keys and items, and any unlocked Sites of Grace. When you begin New Game+ in Journey 2, the biggest difference compared to your first playthrough will be the enemies. They'll have a lot more health, but also drop more Runes. There are no changes whatsoever to the story, but you will be able to unlock different endings. You've also got to re-earn Stonesword Keys.

You can repeatedly play the game over and over again for seven playthroughs, meaning Journey 7 will be your last.

How many times through will you play Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our Elden Ring guide for much more help and information.