How do you reach Jagged Peak in Elden Ring? This location takes up a vast stretch of the Realm of Shadow map in the Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, but it's not obvious how to actually get there. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to reach Jagged Peak.

How Do You Reach Jagged Peak in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: How to Reach Jagged Peak Guide 1

In order to even make it to the start of the path leading up to the Jagged Peak, you'll need to make your way through an optional location in the Gravesite Plain and overcome a Boss Fight. From the Site of Grace at Castle Front in Gravesite Plain, head southeast through the forest until you start to notice glowing worms sticking out of the ground on either side. At this point, the path splits. You need to head right past an NPC moaning on the ground, and follow this path through the headless statues to Dragon's Pit. For a guide covering this location, refer to our how to complete Dragon's Pit page.

Once inside, you'll eventually come to a staircase leading both up and down. Upwards will be a fight against a normal enemy version of Magma Wyrm Makar, and going down will bring you to what looks like a dead end. However, it's not. If you drop down the hole in front of you, you'll land safely on the ground below with a fog door in front of you. Head on through and you'll face the Ancient Dragon-Man. Our how to beat Ancient Dragon-Man guide can lend you some aid here. Once he's dead, push open the stone double doors and the path will lead you past a Site of Grace for Dragon's Path Terminus and out to the Foot of the Jagged Peak.

In the valley below will be a Jagged Peak Drake to fight. This is an optional encounter, but if you need help with it, refer to our how to beat Jagged Peak Drake page. If you head south of its position, past the small and large sheep, you'll come to a clearing featuring a humungous dead dragon, a new NPC and a mysterious blood altar. If you're wondering should you devour draconic essence, click the link. Following that, the path up to the Jagged Peak continues behind where the Jagged Peak Drake was through the huge archway.

From here, the path is pretty linear. You'll hug the side of the cliff before using a Spiritspring to gain higher ground and then cross a bridge. On the other side, you'll encounter another Jagged Peak Drake fighting another dragon. This fight is also optional, so only engage if you want to. Behind them is a series of Spiritsprings you'll use to progress.

Head inside the mountain at this point and boulders will be rolling down the hill towards you. Avoid them and grab the Scadutree Fragment off the corpse at the top. Continue up the hill and you'll happen upon another dragon asleep. This one is the Ancient Dragon Senessax, which is another optional encounter. If you wish to take it down, refer to our how to beat Ancient Dragon Senessax for more information.

Whether you decide to kill it or not, the path ahead is behind where the dragon was sleeping, up the steep hill. At the very top, you'll find a Site of Grace for the Jagged Peak Mountainside. To progress, turn left and head up the rocky hill where the orange Lightning bolts are landing. There'll be another Spiritspring at the top to use. Here, you need to stay on this level of the rock; don't drop down to where the orange Lightning bolts are landing as you can't get past that way. Stick to the higher ground and bypass them on the left-hand side. There'll be another Spiritspring on the other side and then an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone at the end of the path.

From here, turn around and go up the rocky hill to your right. One more Spiritspring will bring you to the Jagged Peak Summit. Beyond it is the arena where you fight Bayle the Dread. Good luck!

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