Seethewater Cave is a location at Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring and the home of twin Kindreds of Rot. This tunnel also contains crafting items and a unique armour set. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Seethewater Cave.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Seethewater Cave

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Seethewater Cave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

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Seethewater Cave Location: How to Find It

Finding Seethewater Cave is fairly straightforward – simply follow the ravine north of Seethewater River. Getting in, on the other hand, isn’t quite as simple. Its surrounding area is populated with Basilisk enemies, and the cave’s entrance is sealed behind a Stonesword Key gate that requires two keys to open.

Seethewater Cave: Walkthrough

Seethewater Cave begins with a drop to the north where you’ll find the Summoning Pool, some Cave Moss, and an armoured soldier. Once the soldier is out of your way, you’ll reach a fork in the road – take the path to the right first to quickly grab some Budding Cave Moss and dispatch another armoured soldier. Return back to the fork and take the other path this time where you’ll hit a couple patches of Crystal Cave Moss and a chasm.

Drop down onto the ledge along the closest side of the chasm before dropping down the rest of the way where you’ll find yourself in some poison water and next to a couple Poisonbloom flowers. Quickly pick the blooms and dash down the only path forward until you reach a mushroom patch where you can dissipate some of that poison buildup. This spot isn’t entirely safe though – look out for a toxic blob that drops from the ceiling.

Once you’re ready, head east where you’ll find a corpse with some Poison Grease, but be mindful of another toxic blob enemy that’ll drop down right before you reach your destination. The next order of business is to head southwest where you’ll see two paths – a dark passageway on the left and another chamber on the right. Take the left first, eliminate the mushroom enemy if you have to, and follow the passage to a dark chamber containing Cave Moss and some Lumps of Flesh guarded by three rats.

After grabbing the flesh lumps, head back out to the toxic pools and take the other path this time. In here you’ll find five more mushroom enemies circling a tree. Take out the handful of mushroom mages by using the tree to your advantage to block the poison projectiles they throw at you. With them gone, head to the southeast where you’ll find a corpse holding some Preserving Boluses. Pick them up and head through the next opening to the southwest of the mushroom-covered tree.

Drop down the ledge that you find ahead and take the southwest path first. This pathway is guarded by a few rats and consists of a gradual ascent up to a ledge where you’ll find a mushroom enemy and a Golden Rune [7] on a corpse hanging off the ledge. Keep following this path to the east and head down the passageway on the right-hand side. This leads to a room with five more mushroom foes and a giant poison flower. It’s up to you if you actually want to take them out, it’s admittedly far easier to just dash in and grab the one worthwhile thing they’re guarding – the Mushroom Set. There’s some Immunizing Cured Meat behind the giant poison flower you can grab too if you’d like.

That’s everything there is to find on this detour, so head all the way back to where we dropped down the ledge and take the other pathway to the north. This leads to an area with some more Cave Mosses, a Stake of Marika, and a hole to drop down into. The first couple of drops are straightforward – just walk off the edge in the direction of the next platform. The third drop is slightly trickier as the next ledge you’d like to reach is on the opposite end of this chasm, so jump across just to be safe. You should land on a ledge with two rats and some Poisonbone Darts.

We’re finally almost finished with this cave. Drop down the rest of the way to reach the bottom of this chasm and head westward where you’ll hit a dead end with a rat and a Golden Rune [6]. Now all that remains is to turn back around and follow this path to the end where you’ll see this cave’s mist gate. Get yourself ready and raring to take on the two Kindred of Rot that serve as the final boss fight of Seethewater Cave.

Seethewater Cave: Item Drops and Loot

Do you have any tips and tricks for how to complete Seethewater Cave in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out our Elden Ring guide for more information.