Murkwater Cave is a location in Limgrave in Elden Ring which is protected by Bloody Finger Nerijus. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Murkwater Cave and beat Bloody Finger Nerijus.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Murkwater Cave and Beat Bloody Finger Nerijus

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Murkwater Cave and beat Bloody Finger Nerijus. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

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Murkwater Cave Location: How to Find It

Murkwater Cave is located in Limgrave, almost exactly east of Agheel Lake North. When you approach it, you'll notice that Bloody Finger Nerijus is summoned, resulting in an extremely difficult fight.

How to Beat Bloody Finger Nerijus

Bloody Finger Nerijus is an intense foe if you're still relatively early in the game, so it may well be worth learning about the Best Locations to Farm Runes to Level Up Fast before taking him on. If you feel capable, then await his approach and have your defences at the ready. Bloody Finger Nerijus attacks with daggers so don't let him get up close, which is more manageable if you have ranged weapons, magic, or a weapon like Lordsworn's Greatsword.

If you can hold out for the opening exchanges of this battle, without being subjected to Bleeding status, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will be summoned and will join the battle. Allow her to draw Bloody Finger Nerijus' attention, and then sneak in and strike from behind for some devastating blows. Bloody Finger Nerijus will heal at least once, so prepare your Flasks for a big battle, especially after upgrading its use with Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears.

Defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus will reward you with 316 Runes, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the Reduvia.

Murkwater Cave: Walkthrough

Once you've dealt with Bloody Finger Nerijus, head down into the Murkwater Cave and touch the Site of Grace. If you can't see deeper into the tunnel, then make sure you've purchased a Torch from Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh.

Deal with the Highwaymen and head straight onwards into a small room for a treasure chest with 5 Mushroom inside. Then recap your steps to the main room and take the alternative route to Traverse the Mist. There's no boss inside, though, just a treasure chest, which when looted will trigger a fight with Patches. Break his shield and whittle down his health until he begs for mercy, then choose to forgive him to complete the Murkwater Cave.

Murkwater Cave: Item Drops and Loot

  • Cave Moss
  • Cloth Garb
  • Cloth Trousers
  • Grave Glovewort [1]

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